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  1. We used to kick it everyday over at the pad, just smilin and doin what we did
    games on , music loud and nothing ever spiraled out
    then you moved and i stayed the weekedn and shit got strange, got feelings i hadn't had in a min
    comfessed and we chatted, you revealed stuff that happened in the past

    We had that connect on another level but i only felt it, as your door swung the other way
    we couldn't progress from here, yet i wanted to ever so dearly
    i knew what it do and i pressed it a bit, make shit awkward without wanting to
    now im the bad guy and i know it

    still wanna kick it with ya and chit chat, but with this current sit. it can't happen,
    a work on progress i guess but hey slowly wins the race
    but not a snails pace more like a walk in the park , takin a stroll figurin life out
    but I, this is not what this is about

    more along trying to fix a wire whose cords became untangled
    like a cut tail from a lizard
    snlowly but surely
    a painful progression

    your smile and grace, in whatever you do
    even forgetting stuff and just bein a goof
    one of the worlds wonders
    and i wanted to give you that world
    a place full of beauty that could never match yours

    wanted to carry you through it all, make your life soe peaceful while mine full of the struggle
    but you won't have that im aware
    your earn youw wage and held the head high
    never giving me the chance

    you said the possiblity was there, but now wasn't the time
    i got that and seemed to forget easily
    or maybe i was just nervous as i knew i loved you
    and you knew this too

    fumbled my words and watched my actions too closely
    became the goof that shouldnt date someone
    became that dude that shouldn't date anyone
    too much shit i gotta figure out before im good for that

    some say i am good for it, but i disagree
    like a clock that just runs too fast, reset and reset
    too fast is too fast
    head over heels and giving up my meals

    wanting to invlove myself in every aspect seemed like a good thought
    but later did i realized i got too close and became distraught
    a tree growing too fast with termites
    chopped it would be

    a cure is somewhere, but too far gone right now
    a buried treasure in the last reaches of this planet
    the very treaure you disereve
    woa is the ship that sails for it

    these waves make the journey difficult, storms all the time
    torn sails and no anchor, not even a helm wheel to steer
    where ever the sea wants to take me
    no choice but to allow so

    im repeairing at a rate that won't last
    or maybe just right
    slow and steady
    but not a snails pace

    i only envision the best of you knowing your faults
    never dreamed of fucking, just carressing and loving ya
    walkin down town holdin hands
    murkin anyone who dared touch your hair violently

    an overseer, a gaurdian
     one you don't need right now
    i arrived to early
    might have to leave too, which i don't wanna do

    hope you know i always got you and you always got me, whether you want it or not
    tore a chunk of my heart and laid it in your hands
    yours forever, i don't want that peice back, know you have me
    keep it secure, don't abuse or misuse

    only with time can this be fixed
    seems like i dont wanna wait
    thought about erasin but not this time
    not goin down that road again
    couldn't do it if the gods willed it

    i met your fam and wanted to get to know them more
    but right now aint the time
    and im not sure there is one

    my rhymes suck and don't make sense
    but at the days end all i want is for you to understand
    and support this recovery of mine
    even if we just friends
    i aint losin you

    not like this
    Writin to Drake's, "Come thru" instrumental
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  2. I fuck with it OP.
    I feel for you.
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