not just 1, but 4...

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. ..violations of my probation, i got a letter in the mail listing my violations

    didnt pay my court costs

    didnt pay supervision fee (they said i was ordered to pay a 35 dollar supervision fee once a month)

    failed to obtain a drug a drug and alcohol evaluation and/or follow recommended treatment

    and of course the failed drug test

    god damn son.........
  2. shit man so whats gonna happen.
  3. i dunno, but i have a court date n it sounds fuckin mean the way they put it

    "You will be notified in the near future by the Westmoreland County Court Administrators Office of the date and time when you must appear before the sentencing court"
  4. well good luck with that. hopefully you wont get jail time or a big fine or something.
  5. Are the original charges marijuana related? Don't need to know specifics, because it's your life, but just a simple yes or no to that question if possible. I'm sure somewhere you've posted it before, but you have a lot of post to sift through ;)
  6. yea i failed my drug test for marijuana and cocaine, double wammy yo

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