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Not getting too high off "amazing Weed"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Maimuta, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I've been smoking for a couple months now, just starting to smoke more regularly now. I've gotten some really good stuff the past 3 times, I hardly smoked any and I was stoned out of my mind (I'm a lightweight). Anyways, I got some stuff from my friend last week, and I thought it was really weak, I had to smoke a lot of it to get stoned, went through It really fast. I talked to him today and told him that and he kinda freaked out, kept saying how it was amazing shit and that he hasn't had that good of stuff for a long long time, and he wouldn't lie to me... Any idea why i was getting as high off this stuff as the other stuff I have had? I smoked it pretty much the same way as all the other times, with either a sobe bong, apple pipe, or just a regular homemade water bottle bong, and it just wasn't as good as he was saying it was for him, not even close...
  2. he's a liar

    it's lower quality

    or your tolerance is going up
  3. I would assume he's trying to take advantage of your lack of experiance. that's VERY common, someone saying how dank their shitty weed is to try to create a placebo or make you judge quality wrong in the furture so they can make money off you.

    Decide how good weed is for yourself, don't listen to anyone.
  4. Well, that could be the case, he did seem to be getting kinda defensive about it too, and maybe my tolerance is going up a bit, may be a mix of both. I have heard that some people can get really really off one type of weed, and other people may not get high off of it at all, think that could be the case?
  5. I dont know... ive definately had plenty of times when me and 2 of my friends would split an ounce three ways and maybe 2 of us would think its great shit and one of us wouldnt or just shit like that... it doesnt make much sence i know but whatever lol :smoke:
  6. I remember my homemade days. This could be adding to your problem. I'd only use homemades when I smoked by myself, because I hadn't gotten around to buying a bowl or anything...I would always notice a stronger high when smoking with my friends, because we used actual pieces. It seems like those homemade pieces aren't nearly as good as the real thing, but maybe I was just shitty at making them.

    I also remember the days when I was new to buying, and didn't know how to judge what I was buying. People can pick up on this, and will usually take advantage of it.
  7. ya the dudes a liar

    you got any pics by chance? did it look very different from the other good shit you bought?
    your tolarance is probaly going up but if there was such a significant jump in how much it took then im guessing it was just lower quality product
  8. Everyone regards bubba kush as one of the finest and most potent kush strains. I believe them, but when I smoke it, it feels rediculously weak.

    I think some strains just pass right through people.

  9. Using a shitty piece does not affect how high you get in any way unless you're losing smoke or vapor as with blunts and joints or bowls that are let smolder. If you're inhaling all of the smoke, you'll get just as high as if you smoked out of some absurdly expensive RooR or hyper-percolated Illadelph bong. The belief that you get higher by smoking out of one piece of glass over another is a complete myth.
  10. in refrence to that last comment...

    I do believe that the aerodynamics of the piece makes a huge diffrence in the 'hit' recieved, some peices will condense the smoke making it thick, others will do the exact oposit letting it expand and be 'loose' inside the peice resulting in much of the hit being air. I find if the smoke is too condensed I cant hold it in, it just hurts, like breathing in a liquid, while if it was loose I dont get that braintickle at the top of my cranium. It takes a perfect balance for the perfect hit.

    If the 'stem' in a bong is really big, when you pull the bowl out to clear the chamber the smoke hits you like a slug, while with small stems its more of a smooth long draw. Also whit the smaller diameter stems, it filters the smoke more by creating smaller bubbles making the smoke touch more water.

    Also with the thumb carbs, I feel like the smoke swearls around before I inhale it, I feel like I need to inhale unneeded fresh air just due to the carb being too high up the bong, im sure plenty of you know what I mean.

    There is also an old way that people from the middle east smoke hash to get higher. They simply try to push the smoke to the top of their lungs were it absorbs into the blood stream better, thus getting them higher.

    There is an art and science to smoking ya know ;)
  11. How a piece hits doesn't affect your high though, just the initial headrush. After 15 minutes, your body doesn't care at all how the cannabinoids got in your lungs and then into your bloodstream. You still have the same amount of cannabinoids in you, so you're just as high.
  12. Yea, I meant it was giving me a shitty high because I always threw my pieces together really sloppily. Leaks, flame too close to plastic, etc. Looking back I realize how stupid using a water bottle was to smoke weed from.
  13. You can put all the weed in your lungs you want, if its not being absorbed propperly then your just exhaling your goodies, thats where the piece comes into play, if the smoke is of the right consistancy, not too thin not too thick, then your lungs are more able to absorbe most of the cannabinoids. Its about surface area and absorbtion ability of the individuals lungs, our lungs are more like sponges then bags.

  14. Agreed. Us old timers gotta take the smoke in nice n slow. I actually prefer a good garcia vega(green leaf) or a regular ole zig-zag to some choke ya to death piece. I do love a good clean pyrex water bong with some ice water though. I gotta be careful. At my age ya choke to much and.... lose your mud! IMO Much Love.
  15. yea hes lying to ya, plus your not getting as high because you have a tolerance now, somewhat

    you could have great looking shit, but still flop.

    "the high will never lie" - moi. Yes, I just came up with that.
  16. If some people know you're a newbie, they'll take advantage of you hands down. It's sad but true, and happens to a lot of experienced smokers back when they first started.
  17. mabey u just got beat, and got some mids
  18. maybe it was just a diffrnt kind of high. ive had shit that has given me more of a mental buzz and physicaly i feel sober.

  19. dude im sorry but lol this doesnt make any sense here it goes : the more weed you smoke and the longer you hold it in the higher you get period theres no ancient tecniques used to push smoke anywhere or aerodynamics and shit lol its smoke it goes in ur lungs and bongs hit harder then pipes so they get u more stoned. there is no art or science to inhaling smoke lmao
  20. Once you actually see dank, you will instantly know the difference between quality types of bud. It sounds like hes trying to hype it up to keep your business. Not trying to dog on you or anything, but you are inhaling and actually holding it for a few seconds right?

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