Not flushed! & Flushed! Same strain same grow

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  1. So in a short time I will be able to decide this for myself once and for all.. I took 4 big buds 2 weeks ago and the plants had not been flushed. Using Botanicare Pro Bloom Soil in Hydro grow White Russian. Now plants have 7 days left and have been flushing for a full week plus a day or so.. Will post and let you know if any difference.. Have never flushed and never had any bad smoke so now I will know.. Anyone else wants to know the outcome stay tuned to my future post... till then!
  2. cool stuff. post pics!
  3. Interested, can't wait to see.
  4. keep my eyes peeled,
    on this thread.
  5. *kickin back in the corner*
  6. I'll wait as well
  7. Is the plant you're waiting to harvest, the same plant that you harvested the 4 buds from 2 weeks ago? or different plants?
  8. Yip, ive pulled up a chair too.

    Intresting, thanks.:wave:
  9. The strain is the same and the plants the 4 were taken from are all still in the room with buds still to take from them.. First problem in whole grow last night! All wilted from pump not coming back on. Good first rate pump too.. Lights off pump back on. Was going to wait till next week but now not sure what to do. Either way I think the size will not get better but not sure about last 7 days in a grow? Also the biggest cola was still looking like it had the longest left to go but she is pretty sticky anyway. Might leave her for last.. Will be at least 3, 4 hour days trimming buds... Will give the smoke report soon as first flushed buds dry. Two now drying that I cut this am... Stay tuned.....:wave:

  10. I wish I only had to trim for that long. It is going to be a long one for me.
  11. Sorry to hear about that. Well anyways I think the results of your experiment would have been skewed to begin with. You were harvesting the same plant twice, just 3 weeks apart, and regardless of flushing or not the smoke will already be completely different.

    It would be more accurate to say that you're actually testing, when to harvest, rather than the difference flushing would make.
  12. Think I lost you. 28 plants in grow. All same strain. Buds taken preflush are very sticky and very very potent. Like I said the four colas taken are from plants that are still in the grow so not sure what is different?? The other plants not cut from are the same mothers children, same strain! So anyway we are not really talking about the potency now we are seeing how it tastes. Dont see how the three weeks will make that big a difference in as much as it will either taste like chemicals, ferts, or it won't.. The trics are still great from the first and well might change it some but we, like I said, want to know if it is about chemicals, ferts, not trics... Totally different if you ask me....... Will let you know... Oh and I am testing the differences in high from early harvest with no amber to late harvest with cloudy inbetween.. First buds smoked were very very heady.. Two people tripped on thoughts so to speak as did myself. Mostly clear with around 35% cloudy on those four buds... Stay tuned.......


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