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Not enjoying getting baked when the suns up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Im2Hits1Kill, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Does anyone else not enjoy smoking much during the day? It seems like if its not dark out, the high isn't very strong and or doesn't do much for me.
  2. Just smoke at night youll get a stronger high the longer you wait. I work 5-430 by the time i get home shower and eat its 630 and I notice its stronger too
  3. its great day or night to me, but i do prefer the night because of the calm 
  4. different tokes for different folks whats probably happening is your smoking a good amount at night and so during the day you have a bit of a tolerance that goes away by the time your toking at night
  5. The sun and cool breezes seem to enhance a sativa. 
    Love seeing hundreds of geese overhead.
  6. When i smoke at night, i've also noticed that the high is a lot stronger than compared to smoking at morning

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  7. Nah. I only smoke about twice a week. So its not my tolerance
  8. I feel completely the opposite. I love going out to the beach or the park and getting baked. The sun just creates such a happy atmosphere and the bright colours become more vivid and beautiful. I smoke nearly every night before bed and the high is never as intense. The reason, I think, is because my senses aren't being as stimulated as during the day so the high is still there, but less noticeable and therefore less enjoyable (but still fun).
  9. I'm not a vampire. I enjoy the cannabis in the morning. I enjoy the cannabis in the afternoon. I enjoy cannabis late at night. I enjoy cannabis.
  10. #10 BloodBooger, Nov 24, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2014 guys aren't enjoying the right TYPE of weed at the RIGHT times is all seems like. I suppose by now, everyone is familiar with the differences between really pure sativas and their racy, spacy effects that are perfect for daytime use (as long as not overdone) and Indicas which are heavily narcotic and dreamy, muscle relaxing and slmost sleepy in their effect..MOST hybrids you buy or grow today have a heavy genetic dose of indica to shorten the flowering times of the equitorial sativas which left to themselves genetically can take over half a year to flower...but what those indica genetics do to a sativa is sometimes (most times actually) is water down the raciness, alertness and speedy charachteristics and add their own slowed down, dreamy, sleepy high. A lot of a plants stone profile is also determined by how long a plant is allowed to many PURE sativas can you name that you have access to either through your dispensaries or dealer? Few I would imagine. Durban Poison would be the most accessable because of the short flowering time,Nepali, Destroyer by Cannabiogen, Malawi Gold, ElDorado (Oaxacan Sativa), Thai or Laotian, Vietnamese Black or Columbian Gold (takes 6 months to flower) and not much else...everything else is a hybrid or pure indica...and with Indicas comes the need to find or grow out some pure sativas if you really want to experience what the old timers enjoyed...but get ready to pay more..the electricity to run those HPS and MH lights don't come cheap. Now, a LOT of "old timers, especially those in Northern California started to expirement with Afghani #1 to shorten the flowering times of the Columbian, Thai and Mexican genetics that wouldn't ripen in Northern Cali and thats where all that Dutch weed came in..Northern Lights which is bred into almost all Dutch seed stock came out of those experiments and lives on today in almost all our current genetics....ya gotta seek out the landraces from those areas previously mentioned to find the original stuff.
  11. take 2 dabs during just before sunrise with a glass orange juice....doctors orders
  12. "During just before"?.... 60% of the time, does that work everytime?
  13. Shit I feel bad for us op smoking during the day is awesome all the trees and leaves glistening in the sun an shit unless your sitting in a cave of a house then I can see why u wait till night I guess

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  14. I enjoy bud in the morning and at night. Night is better to me because if I get to high, I can sleep it off and feel refreshed in the morning whereas if I get to high in the morning, it fucks my whole day up.

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