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  1. I'm awesome and have most of my shit on lock.
  2. haha reminds me of the charchter "brucie" on Grand Theft Auto 4.

    If you look at Brucies website ingame it says on the front page it says "My real secret is that i take bullshark testosterone (excuse my spelling). But if you look at it from another point of view, i could imagine people thinking your talking backwards. Like perhaps you check your nuts, and they're soft. Or maybe you smell like shit 24/7. Or maybe your a loser and you are crutched by a spirling pill abuse addiction and your really typing this half naked covered in garbage and torn clothes from fighting off cioytes (excuse my spelling once again).

    Dont take this the wrong way man im so ripped right now. I didnt mean to cause offence. I take my hat off to you sir "in the name of the lord!"
  3. Is GC really filled with more feelings of depression?
  4. Its not grasscity in paticluar man. Walk outside, go for a walk. Look into peoples eyes. They are all slaves, puppets of the gourvnment. They are depressed because they are no longer free. They really long for human conpanionship because they are cut of from relality.

    For instance facebook. Im sure the ratio of, people who use facebook to people who don't, is very high. People wake up early every morning and get ready for work/ school. They check their facebook and cellphones whenever they can so they can branch out and socalize. It is easier this way. I think alot of people need to "unplug" from the new craze of text messaging and social networking sites.

    Take for instance Maslows concept of "peak experinces". A peak experince is something that just makes you happy, excited and make your face light up and you cant controll the smile and laughter. Some of the the top peak experinces are, sex, music, relationships and just connecting with people on a deeper level.

    But when people try to experince this through wires it just doesnt work. The connection is there but you are really sitting in a dark typing on a bunch of plastic keys. Its quite sad. Im not saying everybody should think like this but ive started to enjoy life more that im not using them as much as i am. If you really want ot be happy you just have to go out into the world away from the digital age and go make some friends. Go have a laugh and joke around. Dont fuss and fight about things such as money and items. Listen to happy music. I would recomend the beetles. But just remember, you become who you surround yourself with. Remember that, Its most important.
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    As little sense as I made of your first post, I agree wholeheartedly. Hiking in the sunshine on Thursday and I'm bringing some green to enjoy the outdoors even more?

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    The other day I realized how Facebook has changed things up

    This girl I've talked to here and there brought up in conversation "How come you don't have a facebook?" Which made me realize how fucked up things are. I told her "I just don't"

    Her mistake was asking about the facebook which opened the door wide-open and now was 200% certain she wanted the "D". Before this incident, I was 100% sure she wanted the D, a girl with have no other reason in interacting with you more than once if she didn't want it.

    Instead of people actually meeting face to face, it means alot more if they have that +1 friendon facebook, knowing everything there is to know about a person, since all the information is on a persons page. Instead of people getting to know each other in person, it's all done online.
  7. Yeah the first post wasnt thought out so well. I was really ripped before haha. I came down and made some sense of what i was trying to say. Or atleast my mind works. Its all about finding out what works with the way your brain works.

    Some like the sound of the french horn, some like the sound of the bass guitar. Some like biking, some like walking. Everybodys diffrent. Branch out for new experinces. Do something. Something you wouldnt ussaly do. Go get lost.
  8. Thats a big 10-4 good buddy
  9. Bang her bro

  10. Come on man! Say something positive, cheery...lighten up bro!
  11. I'm feeling awesome right now! I just finished English final and got my grade for my English class and it was B+! *Woot Woot*:yay:
  12. i'm feeling goooood right now :)
  13. Cool man. Do you have a friend you could bring along with you? Things are always more intersting when theres another mind present. Just make sure they arent a bad apple.
  14. Done and without: Adding her on facebook, her having my phone number or even knowing her last name.

    Facebook makes situation like this, extremely tough.
  15. So you want me to lie?
  16. It seems you're down alot. I don't think I've seen a happy post by you before.

  17. Postive vibration thread.

    I'm a big believer is promoting postive energy
  18. I feel like smoking. Not depressed.

  19. A sober intervention? They have those?

  20. Emotionally dead intervention. Gotta kick start those feelings.

    Angry detox.

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