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Not Cool At All

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. i got my new school schduele and it looks like i got stuck with a cop class "student & Law" the worst part is i never signed up for it and little do they know i cause way to much trouble to be in something like that......uuuggghhh........
  2. That sucks, i'm sorry to hear about that.
  3. shit, just show up baked every day ;)
  4. Yeah be all red eyed and shit.
  5. LOL! i never thought about that one. Thanks for the great idea, it'll come into use
  6. shit dude just drop the class. When I was in high school I got all these classes that were too hard so I droped em all and took easy ass ones
  7. "student & Law" in hs? are you in hs? or college? sounds like a collegecoruse to hs clasess consisted of "foods" or "wood" wood. lol. i was saying take a fooods about getting stoned before class. ugh!@!!!! those were the days
  8. Or you could try to learn about the law. Knowing your rights is never a bad thing.

  9. No shit. Culinary arts is the master of all classes. At my school, that class runs a cafe at lunch so we would just get fuckin ripped and make grub ass food to steal like chicken tenders and jojo's or cheees burgers and stuff. Good days ;)

    p.s. I wouldn't suggest being blatently stoned in front of a cop NEVER a good idea.
  10. dude...
    since you're stuck with the class anyway, why not take advantage of it... learn the law and the little loopholes, and etc, know your rights and how to exercise them.

    it may not sound like an ideal class at first, but it's all a matter of perspective! it could actually be interesting!

    but then again, that's the nerd in me speaking ;)

  11. the only thing i wanna exercise in that class is my arm when i lift it up to take a bong rip

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