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not again...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, May 8, 2002.

  1. I have no idea what it is about me, or why this keeps happening. But, once again my connection to my favorite herb has been arrested. This many people I'm sure. But, it seems I meet some decent people with decent a few times from them...and, BOOM they get busted...[​IMG]
    I am still trying to grow my own...but, we're moving in June and I'm really worried about my little plants being seen by someone who's helping with the move. Maybe, my friend will hold onto them for a few days, but she'll kill them worse than I would....[​IMG]

  2. that sucks its a good thing you werent buying from him when he got busted though
  3. friend is now out of jail but with a ankle bracelet on. He calls me to tell me that he can help me out again. Do I do this? I mean what if the cops are following him...or am I being paranoid?

  4. Sorry to hear that your hookup got busted, justme. You must feel like there's a dark cloud over your head in that department, huh. I dunno, I think you should be cautious about buying from him. If it were me, I don't think I'd risk it. I don't know the circumstances surrounding this guy, though. Sounds like this might not be the first time he's been in trouble?? Anyways, that's just my opinion. You know the guy, so trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, don't do it. Good luck!!!

  5. Thank you Stony. I'm going to give it a try...but, my friend says I don't have to be involved in anyway? He's a good guy...just likes going to raves when he knows he's going to be drug tested! Silly kid...[​IMG]

  6. that sucks about your guy being busted. i know the feeling. seems like everytime i get a connection to some great herb the dude gets busted. they've really been cracking down on the "drug" use around here lately though.

    peace out
  7. u should be able to buy from him safely....cops try to bust people selling...not buying

  8. Thx Da Wodin for the info...but, I'm still a bit worried. I wish I could just go to a drive up window, and order a half to go...and have no I'll just keep dreaming about that though...[​IMG] [​IMG].
    Hmmmmm...this isn't fair, ya know? I have never been arrested (except for the time we all did a sit in kind of protest at the state building...but, they didn't put that on my record)...why should I have to worry about this?
    I'll be doing this thing put on the chicken strips Smokie...send good Karma my way...and remember how nice I was if you don't hear from me for awhile! [​IMG]

  9. Good luck to you on your "quest",be careful, ya got me settin' on the edge of my seat sending ya good karma, and worryin' with ya!!! :smoking:

    Ya could always stop on the way and pick up a boquet of cheap fresh flowers to take with ya, pretend you're a delivery Lady!!!!! LOL :D: :smoking: Ok then how about a Pizza???

    Remember the wise words of BPP! "Safety First"!!!!!!!! :hippie:
  10. Sucks your bud buddy got busted,,,but depending on whether or not this is his first bust,,I would not go to his home,,,meet in a neutral location,,,,we don't need to hear you as well got caught,,,that would bum us all out "big time"....

  11. Good luck, justme!!! DaWodin was right about them not wanting you. They want the guys that supply your guy. But listen to NdicaBud about not going to his home because you could get caught in the middle of something.

    ~~~~~Sending good Karma your way~~~~~
  12. use a dld- get them to drop the weed in a safe place where they will find the cash- you go there an hour later and get the weed and no one follows you...
  13. Thanks all!!! I will take all this wonderful advice and use it to my advantage.
    Thank you!!! [​IMG]

  14. Damn man..sorry to hear about your connect..AGAIN!!

    that really sucks man...tell your friend to take GOOD care of your babys..Like I said..sympothy goes out to you for the hook-up problem..


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