not a white hair left on plant but very little trich color change

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  1. So by all outward appearances one of my outside plants looks ripe and smells fantastic. no new growth for a while, like I said not a white hair on the plant, not even the lil baby buds on the bottom (lil suckers lol) show any signs of growth. it's in 9th wk. and isn't sick, just acting done, but no trichs turning. shes been flushed (5 days ago) plus its rained the last 3 days. but don't the trichs turn amber shortly after all those hairs turn that beautiful color of orange? cause as I said I have seen no new growth? what the hell.

  2. If you've got a sativa, you could have a few more weeks left. I would give her another week and check the trichs every day. You have a quality microscope to see them?

    Are your trichs still clear or are most of them cloudy? You can harvest when they are all milky/'ll get a very heady/cerebral high now than if you waited for those trichs to turn. If you're impatient you can probably go ahead and cut her, as long as your trichs aren't clear.

    The hairs and the trichs aren't necessarily on the same schedule when it comes to color change. Sometimes all the hairs can still be white when the trichs are ready, and vice versa. Trichs are what you need to rely on, though.
  3. chop a couple buds and dry em and see how they are
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    I think its an indica, been real rainy and humidity has been through the roof because I live in the south. I have a scope (purchased from Radioshack) trichs are a lil cloudy but mostly clear, but it had started flowering early and like I said since I started flushing(bout a wk. ago) no growth. Only way I got to upload pics is using Wal-marts card reader and I'm not trying that w/pics of my girls. lol I'm not in to big of a hurry aka I'm patient but the hairs are makin my buds look like Bobby Brown... and their fantastic smell has seemed to have started to fade away ever since flushing began.

    An interesting side note I recently experienced grey mold on a different plant(a sativa) I cut the infected bud completely away. but it was one of my biggest crowns and I didn't wanna just throw it away, so I cut the infected area away (about the size of a dime). The bud that remained smelled like moldy chit, totally unsmokeable the way it smells, so in the hopes I can salvage something I decided to give water curing a try thinking it might get rid of the smell. will it?
  5. It might get rid of the moldy taste and smell, but the mold itself will probably stick around. That high humidity down south is probably what caused that mold.

    Like said before, give her some more time and keep an eye on those trichs. All/mostly cloudy is good enough to flower if you want.

    I'd say wait 'til you see one or two amber trichs under the scope.

    Look around the GC Journals and you'll find a few gals that have entirely red/dying hairs but aren't ready yet. Just be patient.
  6. Well it has rained alot...stoping on and off. The girl that I started this thread for looks like its ready (40/60, 50/50) just waiting for the rain to stop so she can dry out. God flushed my plants for me naturally -lol- rains supposed to be nitrogen enriched anyway. I'm on day three of the water cure, looks pretty cool tell ya the truth, remember the animals suspended in famaldihide in high school? thats what it looks like.
  7. Rock on, dude. Hope that turns out well. You should post some pics if you can, if there is a big change in the bud due to the water cure.
  8. pictures are very helpful. i like pictures
  9. 01.jpg
    Here is my water curing cola on day 3
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    Here is the little plant in question.( it's sister is taller and not even close to ready.)
    She hasn't produced a huge yield but it looks and smells like some killer
    and here is sativas that had the mold problem, no photo of it though

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  11. shake that plant and get the water off those flowers as much as possible:cool:

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