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Nose pain..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokeytime, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Eeeeyy gc how you i just blazed a couple bowls of some no-name dank..and have begun to notice that many times whenever i smoke, right after taking a hit (usually i haven't exhaled it yet) my nose feels very sharp, intense pain. I've blown out smoke through my nose before, its not that..but its a veeery very sharp pain. Sometimes happens right when i exhale. Any ideas?
  2. Sometimes if i take a huge hit, my nose starts to feel pressure as if im about to cry and my eyes water a little when I inhale, i dont really exhale through my nose that much, pretty rare actually.
  3. Just tell her to stfu and put your dick in her mouth
  4. NYC-d its kinda like pressure..and my eyes start to water like a yawn but then its just like 2 secs of intense pain..gotten pretty annoying. I usually don't exhale through my nose either, but what i think it might be is my friend told me right before he could tell the pain started, i breathed in some of the smoke comin off of the bowl itself. That might be it
  5. Yea i can definatly feel the 'pain' more when im using a dry piece and my face is very close to the smoldering bud, and even more when puffin on a j/l in which i like to do some smoke tricks. Smoke coming directly off the bud is much hotter than it would be after traveling through a chamber where it has some time to cool down.
    thanks i dont think ive ever really thought about that but now that i think about it its clear to me.
  6. Hmm, I dont have many idea but here is one,
    Sinus Infection, I have had one and when breathing deeply it adds pressure to your sinus cavity and its pretty fucking painful. Kind of like flying on a plane with a sinus infection, adds pressure and hurts like hell. The smoke could also irritate your sinuses in the same way allergies can.
  7. ^ t9 i dont think its a sinus infection...could be though what the hell do i know. and NYC-d man joints are fucking painful as hell if the smoke off of it goes into your nose.
    You're probably right about the smoke not being able to cool so that's probably the reason, thanks man
  8. Your nose is just super super dry. Sounds gross but take a q-tip with a little vaseline and moisturize the inside of your nose. After a few days of doing that before going to bed, you won't feel that when you smoke anymore..
  9. maybe lay off the yayo
  10. I was just thinking this, maybe your nose is dry and the weed makes it worse, like cotton mouth... in your nose.
  11. Haha what a stoner thing to say. I love it!! :smoking:
  12. Lol yeah I did put it kinda stonerishly, because it also dries your eyes out and stuff so it seems possible!
  13. hahah like the nose..made me lol. and to the dude who said lay off the yayo..pssh i prefer black tar heroin.
    nah only thing i ever snorted up my nose was a hooker's crap...dont ask dont tell.
  14. Quit snorting your weed. :)

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