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Nose or Eyes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Funk-D, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Me and my friend just got done burning a blunt of some pretty decent nugs, what kind they were idk it was just light light green no seeds and smelled like a skunks ass. After smoking me and him got into a friendly debate about what should you just trust more when it comes to knowing the quality of weed you have.

    He thinks eyes are the best way to go with nose as I think the EXACT opposite..,what say you?
  2. i think i would trust my nose first. it may be ugly but if it smells strong i bet it is.
  3. its gotta look good smell dank, and get you HIGH
  4. i always inspect my pick ups with both my eyes and nose, but the best way to investigate some new stuff is, conveniently, to smoke it :hello:
  5. I've had some weed that didn't look dank, smelled like some thrax and get me blowed as hell. I've also had some mid that was light green looked pretty good, but didn't get me as high as I thought it would.

    Both is usually the best way to go, but when I get nugs from somebody I know I usually go with being able to smell it the moment it gets in my car to know that I'm getting the straight dank.

    Of course I know that smoking it is the best way to check, but to make sure I'm getting my money's worth I'd trust my nose over my eyes anyday. As, in the rare case I got some weed that didn't look like some straight up kill, but smelled like a skunk's pussy...I'd probably buy it. As opposed to having weed that looked good, but smelled like regular mids in which case I'd probably think twice about grabbing it.
  6. if i had to go into a deal with only my nose (not counting the amount im buying, obviously id need eyes for that) i think i'd be worse off than only my eyes, but who knows im just speculating
  7. Seeing as my smell receptors are severely damaged (My sister poured clongne up my nose, few years back when I was asleep) I must trust my eyes.. The only smell i can pick up on, is reallllllllly good weed
  8. Obviously you would need both to properly tell, but if you could only use one, I'd use my nose.

    I've had weed that looks dank and turns out to be nothing special. I've never had weed that had a skunky smell that wasn't dank.
  9. eyes fo sure. and feel, but i do have damaged smell, weed smell is not an indicator of strenght i have had sativas with barely a scent to it blow my mind, and skunky shit be no better than schwag. i look for crystals, hairs overall look, feel it for stickiness, sandyness (trichs) etc.
  10. Forget about your nose and eyes, all you need is your lungs and brains! lol No but seriously you should use your eyes, nose, and smoking the weed to judge. I've gotten weed that didnt smell or look like anything good but the high was more than what I expected. Looks and smell play a big part, but they are not always factors that can be trusted
  11. #11 SuperMario420, Jun 4, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2009

    reason being sometimes the bud smells ok but i can tell its not going to smoke well. it may be wet or just overall look shitty
  12. The lung is the only true tool with which to test herb potency.

    Besides, you know, the shit that tests for herb potency of course.

  13. This.

    But if I had to pick nose or eyes, I'd trust my nose more. I've seen stuff that looks like mids that smelled like heaven and got me faded as shit, and I've seen shit that looks mad good and was barely mids. So, I'll trust my nose more, but why rely on one when you got both plus a set of lungs and a lighter?

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