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nose bleed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yamiblaze, May 4, 2010.

  1. A couple of hours ago I smoked some reg, however it's the first reg I got from this dealer. I recently had a nosebleed and that isn't common, however the weather was fairly high this week. My question could is could laced weed cause a nose bleed?

    About Me:
    I've never done any drugs, marijuana is not a drug to me :D
    I read cocaine can cause nose bleeds, however I've never done anything besides smoke, I don't even drink
    I smoke once a week

    I'm wondering if those statistics could lead to a nose bleed, and if not was I probably laced? Or am I tripping and it's just the weather
  2. I'm pretty sure the reason coke can cause nose bleeds is cus its going straight into your nose lol.

    Its purely coincidence, don't worry about it.
  3. Pure coincidence
  4. I stubbed my toe today, it really hurt. Could this have been caused by the weed i smoked last night?
  5. Only fuckin with the weed, you can keep the nose bleed.:smoking:

    rofl +rep
  6. Coke only causes nose bleeds if you snort it.

    Its allergy season right now, so that is probably the cause of your problem. You could try some sterile saline nasal spray or Ayr Saline nasal jell.
  7. lol just chill out bud it wasnt the weed was laced

    you just gotta nosebleed yo
  8. Heard that happening with K2. This a new dealer?
  9. to OP i get nosebleeds pretty regularly could be from all the cocaine.......haha no man jk but i do get nosebleeds pretty regularly but i think i just have dry sinuses

  10. lmao perfect
  11. If the bud tasted normal, got a normal high, and looked normal..

    You were fine, just luck that you got that nose bleed than. Your fine dude. Just ask yourself was i fine, and i bet ya were. You got nothing to worry bout bro.
  12. absolutely nothing to do with the weed, unless you stuffed a nug up your nose!
  13. I want to thank everyone and apologize, I clearly was tripping and overlooked that simple fact nosebleeds are from snorting. I got so stuck on the coincidence while high that I nearly spazzed...

  14. Either its was a pure coincidence or, you exhaled smoke through your nose which dried out the mucosa and caused bleeding. And think whatever you want, but at the end of the day, weed IS a drug.

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