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Northwest-pickup. Sticky icky. (Nice Macros)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Draous, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Let me know what you guys think. I think it looks pretty great!:smoking: Unless you know where the seeds came from strain names dont mean anything up here. Everyone just spends ALOT of time inside, so all there is to do is take care of plants.

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  2. how much did you get of that?? and how much $
  3. That's so crystally it almost looks moldy. But I'm not an expert on mold, and you say they're an expert grower so I'll just go with it being trichs.

    Awesome, wanna hang out?:smoking: lol
  4. nice bud, something looks strange about the trichs though
  5. thats what i was thinkin
  6. :smoking:yum YUM:smoking:
  7. I actually noticed that and it looks like its just a really high concentration of smaller trichs. But even if it was a teeny bit moldy it is too kronik everywhere else not to smoke:D.
  8. looks like maybe some cheese?

    hard to tell though, id have to agree with saying the trichrome formations kinda f ucked up
  9. Sweet mother...
  10. That is possibly the dankest looking weed I have ever laid eyes on.
  11. Normally I pay 80 a quarter but im goin to school in a smaller town so i pay 100-120 a quarter. I payed 120 for this quarter it was pretty wet when i got it, i let it dry out for a day and now it fuckin blows me away. I'm pretty much blazed for 5 hours after a nice big bowl.

  12. Man - the black market clowns around Portland would have a thrill run up their leg to get those kinds of prices.


  13. Looking good man, looking real good :D
  14. Draous

    Do the Hell's Angels still control some of the important strains up in Alaska like MTF for example?

    Just curious.

  15. Those look so good. Making me jealous! I bet it smells great too! Give you something to do during the 20 hours of darkness up there this time of year! When you said Northwest, I thought my part of the country, now I REALLY wish it was! Have fun with that!
  16. Rather nice, but this thread belongs in Recreational Use. I know this because I've had my own bud porn threads moved there from here before.

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