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Northern Lights (Nirvana)

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Space Captain, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. STRAIN NAME: Northern Lights (fem/seed)
    FLOWERING: Photoperiod
    BREEDER: Nirvana

    WHAT THE MARKETING PEOPLE SAY: Standard Northern Lights pitch without specifically claiming a direct lineage to any particular NL strain.

    REVIEWER: Space Captain
    SMOKER TYPE: Frequent

    BUZZ: 6/10 - A bit of a skull cap feeling. A little head achy if you smoke too many hits. "OK".
    TASTE: Nothing special. Barely any smell while growing though. Sweet musky smell in the bag.
    POTENCY: 8/10 - Pretty strong.

    YIELD: Approx. 2.5 oz. from a very small single plant grow space.

    OVERALL: 7/10 - This strain has some NL qualities I guess (stalky, potent) but isn't much like NL in flavor and buzz. So, not too impressed except to say that this strain is vigorous and easy to grow, as usual from the very dependable Nirvana folks. (Psst, back cross this a few times with real NL#5 and you might have something here, Nirvana!)
  2. Thanks for that smoke report, Space Captain.
  3. So....

    You grew it but no pics?

    Or any nute recommendations, or how long it took from the start of flowering, or what lights you were using, etc.???
  4. I grew it, you can check the 1st link in my sig. I have never had NL before so I can not comment on the differences between Nirvana's and others. I do like the final product. Mine is dank and does a good job. But I would trust the OP's advice on Nirvan's vs other NL strains, he knows better than I.
  5. I'm such a luddite. I don't even own a digital camera, much less a handheld device with a camera. But every once in a while I'll post a couple pics when I can get a trusted friend to snap em.

    Nutes -- Standard Flora Gro, Flora Micro & Flora Bloom, as per directions on the bottles. You really cannot go wrong with this line. Been using it since the late 80's. Tried others. Have always come back to "old reliable".

    I do super small grows with separate 150 watt HPS lights.

    Flowering took a pretty standard 8-9 weeks.

    Thanks for the responses guys.

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