Northern Lights - Can anyone help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bigtee212, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. First of all i decided to plant a few seeds I found in my last 1/8. It was northern lights and Ive heard they grow good outside. I live in Mn if that matters for later. I started out by soaking them, then planting 4 of them in party cups (each in a seperate cup), the cups have a diameter of about 4 inches. I expected the seeds to be crap, but to my suprise 2 sproated after about 5 days, perhaps the other two will follow.

    My questions begin here. After about how long will they be too big for the cups, which are also about 6 inches deep. Also about how much light do they need per day? And is there such thing as inderect light outside?. Getting good light in a safe place is my main concern. Also any other tips about growing these plants would be great, thanks.

    Edit: I am planting these outside, i didnt mention, but it is in the outside forum
  2. ill jsut top this incase anyone about knows a thing about nl
  3. outside? Just water it and let it grow. the plants will be ready for their permanant placement outside the cups when they're a few inches tall. If u wanna be fancy and use fertilizer jst start with a liquid fert when they're a foot tall, that's wut i do. im sure you can do it earlier but wutever. If you can move them inside at night under a grow light to keep them on a 24 hour light period till they r 12 inchs them move them outside for a 12/12 cycle for flowering. hope i helped srry if not. NL, as much as i know is just like any other weed plant give it time and care and it will pay off. Since it's in what i call the "dank category" of weed plants give it extra care everyday. oh and dont put any insectisides on it as it is oil sensitive and will kill ur plant. put alot of ladybugs in ur garden where they will be and also earthworms in the soil. These will defend ur plant from bug predators. happy growin, good luck. Peace -§tonehenge

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