Northern Lights Auto 400 watt hps grow

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  1. I have finalized everything and ordered seeds. My grow will consist of the following

    Soil. Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    Nutrients. Fox Farms grow big and tiger bloom
    Light. 400 watt hps
    Room. 5x5x6’

    Will continue to update
  2. U gonna get more lighting? For that space u need atleat 700+ - 1000watts

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  3. Yes adding another 400 for flowering
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  4. A pic of my last grow Northern lights Xtrm Autoflower.
    Northern lights is a great choice .

    If you don't mind that I make a suggestion if you can wing it get you some happy frog soil to mix with the OF and after you germ and are ready to put to soil , use the happy frog first
    Its not as hot as OF and the seedling will love it more for the first days [​IMG]

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  5. I will do that. Thank you for the info
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