Norther Lights Auto. Anyone grown this before

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by drew425, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I've got one going in my garden right now and its looking pretty good. I estimate it to be about 70 days old from seed. It started showing actual flowers around week 3 so I estimate it to be in flower about 50 days. Anyone have any idea about when I should harvest her? Its a Nirvana seed, so I reasearched it on their website and ive seen a lot of different responses. The bud production has slowed a little bit and the pistols are starting to turn amber/orange. So im guessing it will start to pick up again. Maybe I should start trying to look at the trichs? From this plant on I have documented exactly how old all my plants are and what day I put them into 12/12 so I know exactly how old they are;)
  2. Why are your lights on 12/12 if it's an auto?
  3. Didn't have room for it at the time in my veg area. I could go back to 20 hours if its worth it. I just thought that 12 hrs under my 1000w hps would be better than 20 under my led (which ive recently upgraded)
  4. what's up, drew?

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