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  1. whad up everyone,

    the weathers getting much nicer, with the normal spurts of cold nights an some snow that doesnt accumilate. ive always had plants out side but honestly i usualy just let them grow an forgot about them. i KNOW i had buds last year but 2miles in the middle of nowhere an a dead flash light walkn threw bear beads an hearn them growl i said fuck that an gave up.thier gettn real heavy with the radar flights but thiers ways around that. i know the frost dates like may 23rd but im way to ansy to wait. whats the soonest i should put em out? i have a paranoid sence im being watched so i wouldnt wanna bring em in everynight. any1 have any examples of what to hope for from the north country ((nh,vt,maine))

    :smoking:"summer time when the livins easy":smoking:


  2. Hi, if i was in your situation i would get some ruderal plants that start blooming immediately after germination and finish flower after at most 90 days, ruderal can grow in colder climates but i would still wait until the frost is gone. search gcshop for ruderalis, you'll get 4 strains, haven't tried any of them myself so knock yourself out.
  3. I'm in NH too - I'm just waiting for a consistent week or two without the nightly frost. So basically, sometime next week if this weather holds up.

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