North Korea threatens war as South joins US led blockade

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 133001, May 27, 2009.

  1. Yeah I know. It's fucking ridiculous.

    Number of Nuclear Explosions:

    US: 1056 (333 in the air)(2 as actual weapons)

    North Korea: 2

    Hmmm.....I wonder who's the real threat here?
  2. So Crazy...and sad really.
  3. I'm so excited!

    It's been so long since we've had a real genuine international conflict.

    I hope Russian and China get in on the action. There are enough party favours to go around.


  4. Probably the country that has a crazy dictator of a Stalinist regime.

  5. i agree. what about india and pakistan? why doesn't that US get involved there?

    - and America being involved in the middle east is a bunch of bullshit and we need to get out of there ASAP. We have our own oil reserves and i think we should start using them as we are beginning to use alternative fuel sources.

    Centralized gov't is ruining the world.
  6. would that be the US or N. Korea?
  7. Think the US will lift the embargo, or force North Korea to retaliate?

    Honestly, I don't think North Korea will do anything, they are just trying to be heard.
  8. Zing!

    On day this country is gonna push another too far, and we're gonna pay for it.

    Could somebody post a link or something to Kim talking shit about America, or about wanting to start a war with the world? I really think he just wants nuclear energy, but I could be wrong.
  9. Well, both. Im sick of crazy fuckin people in general, whether it be Kim Jong Crazy or Darth Cheney,

    I agree.

  10. Also, deterrence.
  11. Kim is going to die soon and he doesnt like being seen as the impotent stroke-vegetable dictator, so he sets off a few explosions to try and reclaim his former glory.

    He wont do anything. If he did, South Korea would become a newly formed island.
  12. A canadian would be saying this, thank god he lives ontop of America, you know he'll be some what safe while he watches everyone get fucked.
  13. Last one to the DMZ has to pick up the soap!!! Hurry girls.
  14. North Korea's just kind of sad in my opinion... They're like a little child just flailing to get attention. They keep threatening shit but they know as well as everyone else does that if they tried anything then

    A. there's a decent chance it wouldn't even work; their missiles are kind of pieces of shit

    B. they would be annihilated. South Korea, the US, Japan, maybe even Russia and China would be on them in a heartbeat

    So in summation, fuck North Korea.

  15. Yeah, that's what I've been thinking this whole time. If a country actually posed a serious and imminent threat to the U.S. It would be on, we would just fly in from several thousand feet above and make the country disappear (after we take any natural resources they may have of course). People like being afraid.
  16. You know I think if North Korea declared war against my town we would beat their asses... And my town isn't even hardcore or anything but we probably have better technology than them..

    In any case, fuck North Korea. Do I think the US should step in here? Probably not, but on the other hand North Korea has been acting like a bunch of children. They threaten, they do things they have agreed not to do, and in general they seem to just try and piss people off and attempt to gain leverage. Run your damn country well and maybe you wouldn't need the aid. I wish North Korea would declare war, because in the three seconds it would take for this or any other advanced country to take them down I would get a chuckle.

    As for the citizens of North Korea, I hope for their sake that their leader does declare war so we can go back to having one Korea and maybe they can rebuild their lives.
  17. You would get a chuckle out of the death of over twenty million?
  18. They didn't agree not to do anything. The UN had a special meeting after the 2006 North Korea test which violated absolutely no UN Resolutions; since North Korea is part of the "axis of evil" they had to put a stop to this perfectly legal action. So now we have a rule for every country on earth EXCEPT North Korea who has their own rule. It's all a bunch of bullshit.

    And besides, "One Korea" again? We didn't win the first time. What makes you think te second would be any different If we were to invade, they would resort to the geurilla tactics that were common in Korea, Vietnam, and all other SE asian conflicts we've been in
  19. North Korea wont raise a finger against any other countries, this whole story is about politics.

    Consider this, Kim Jong-il is a man with a very large ego, as can be seen by him having the citizens refer to him as the great leader, having people write songs about him and making his birthday a national holiday. Clearly this is a man concerned with his personal image, and would like to retain the image of a glorious and powerful leader amongst his people.

    Kim may not be a good man, but he is a smart man. He knows it's game over if he lifts a finger against any country, he can't even feed his own people so how do expect him to fight another country?

    Because Kim doesn't want a war, he wants to further brainwash the people, make them think that Kim is the great leader who is threatening to attack the oppressive Western Imperialists if they do not stay out of North Koreas waters, etc. It's all about mind control, any time the rest of the world shuns North Korea, the state run media spins it to where it is Kim who is fending off attacks from the Western world, saving his people, rather then it being him who is in the wrong. He knows he's going to die soon, and he wants to be remembered as a great ruler, and he obviously can't do that if he's being dragged out of his own country by the U.S. military and then cockslapped by every nation in the UN.

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