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North-east bud rot

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by KBslinga, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. hey guys im struggling with bud rot on my 6 ladies :(

    the weathers been weird here this year, really warm and humid with lots of rain

    i think im going to harvest them a little bit early, the trichs are cloudy with a few startin to go amber on a couple plants. thoughts?

    anyone else havin bud rot problems in my area?
  2. yeah i'm in the northeast. my girls def weren't done yet but i chopped last week before the stretch of humidity. they were starting to get some bud-rot and i figured the longer i waited the less i would harvest at that point. dissapointing to go through all that work just to chop before they're ripe, but much better than losing it all to mold. first year i've had this problem though so hopefully next year is clean.

    yours sound like they're pretty well along - i would be safe and chop. they might not be as stinky and heavy as they could be, but that shit will still get your real high
  3. sorry to hear that about your grows blades. im in the ne but im lucky i guess, absolutely no bud rot and some mold but i removed the leaf and he has yet to reshow.
  4. That is fortunate - seems like a lot if people this year getting rot.

    What strain are yours? On the seed bank sites they claim some strains are more mold resistant than others. Wondering if that has any truth.
  5. mine are bagseeds from some mids, which is turning out to be some really nice bud. its also my first grow ever
  6. mine are kc brains cali special...well theyre supposed to be. ordered a 10 pack of reg seeds from the tude, only 6 of which germinated, and ended up being two different strains for sure haha so im not sure which strain is what.

    one of the strains i ended up having 2 plants of, arent showing rot at all while the other is. so i think strain is definitely a determining factor of whether or not theyll have mold/rot
  7. If you have large plants with different sized buds on them, best thing you can do is harvest all the tops and larger buds since they are more prone to mold/rot. Give the rest of the plant some time to finish out and you will have a better yield as long as the weather holds out.

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