North Carolina Stoners!

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  1. Wasssssup 919 here moving to the 704 in about 2 months!
  2. 828 whats good haha:bongin:
  3. haha blue town i see snake mountain in that picture looks very similar as the few from my house. you from up in boone town?
  4. some reefer i just picked up outta boone pretty good smoke just a little leafy:D.

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  5. 910 here. In the armpit of NC.:bongin:
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    336 reporting in, though I'm going to be starting school in asheville next week. Friday I'll be moving to the 828
  7. North Carolina pot heads, holla at me

  8. 252 Area

  9. whats up bro
  10. [quote name='"theglasscouch"']828 whats good haha:bongin:[/quote]

    You in sylva dude?

  11. HA same here bro!

  12. HAHAHA yea it is

  13. Right on bro

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