norse tattoo possible racist backlash?

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  1. So I've been looking into getting a tattoo celebrating my Norse heritage problem is I've been looking into them and they are really controversial because people associate them with the third Reich and nazis-neo nazis

    Guessing this wouldn't be a wise idea for tattoos? I could really give a damn what people think but I do give a damn about some skin head beating me down for having thw wrong tattoo without aaffiliations (I am not a skin head nor a neo Nazi and I would never become one I hate people like that)

    Question to folks who are not white
    If you seen a guy with what looked like racist tattoos (even tho they are not) working out in a gym beside you what would you do/think? Thanks blades/bladies just wanted your opinions
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    I have a tattoo that gets the opposite, it involves a 6 pointed star so a lot of people think I'm Jewish or Satanic.

    Be proud of your heritage! Get the tattoo! Besides, the only time it's going to be an issue is in jail. And in jail you're gonna want to pick your own team. That will get you a spot for sure... Win win.

    It's wrong to assume things about other's tattoos. In general. Unless it's tribal...
  3. Get tattoos that are questionable in places likely to be covered by clothing.
    I worked in a tattoo shop for a few years slinging ink, as a skin artist I helped people make better decisions about stuff like that.
  4. Good advice for tattoos in general, unless you have your heart set on a sleeve or something.
  5. Thanks guys really appreciate the replies and advice

    If I did get something I would definitely make sure it wasn't seen as 100% racist (swastikas) even tho Hitler perverted it. And I def would probably get it on my shoulder or back shoulder blade.

    Thanks again guys and yea I don't get tribal tats big black and ugly lol (no offence to anyone who wears them just not my style) as for getting it think i am going to just going to be smart about it thanks again guys for the replys an snoop major respect probably kept alot of ppl from regretting there decisions
  6. Im assuming youre referring to a Mjolnir tat?

    People are gonna bitch about anything, thats just how some people are, just do you and be happy
  7. Thank you for not being one of those tattoo artists that is only concerned about the money and will tattoo a swastika across somebodies face if the $$$ is right lol. It is rare to find an artist that is actually concerned about the customers well being! The tattoo industry is big here and there are some less than reputable 'artists' who will tattoo any crap in any place as long as they make money from it.
  8. Double sigels or a swastika?  I have runes tattooed on my body and I've never been associated with being a nazi or anything negative.
  9. get a t shirt with the image on it, wear that for a bit, if people think you're a nazi then don't get the tatt, if you get no negative feedback..boom, work away and get it
  10. I think that there is nothing nazis in these tattoos. [​IMG] I didn't meet such people, but read about a similar type of a tattoo much. [​IMG] If it is interesting to you, you can read more according to the link

  11. I'm in a similar boat. I want to get a celtic cross, as a tribute to my heritage, already have one tattoo as tribute but I want a celtic cross to compliment it. Unfortunately Celtic crosses are commonly tatted on Aryan Brotherhood members.

    Did you ever end up getting your tat? How'd things go?
  12. sadly I lost my job before I had the cash to get any new tats. Honestly tho when I save enough I am probably going to end up and get it. I don't see any issue with it anymore (don't really know what would happen if I go to jail/prison) but I don't plant to go lol. I'd say go for it man an old buddy had a Celtic Cross tattooed on his forearm (was big and definitely noticeable) and he didn't catch any flak for it
  13. as crazy as it is, my corsair 760 graphite pc case has swastika fans on the front. the red LEDs on them look like swastikas...
    pretty fucking random, i know...


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