NORML Launches New Online Legislative Tracking System

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  1. Washington, DC: NORML announces the launch of a new legislative tracking
    program that will allow visitors to NORML's web site, and affiliated web
    sites, to write their members of Congress, state legislators, governors
    and local media representatives when a piece of marijuana legislation has
    been introduced. The addition of Capwiz 6.0 will allow NORML and its
    supporters to track both state and federal legislation, while providing
    action alerts to notify supporters of pending bills in their state. The
    site is available at .The new program will allow NORML supporters and other friends of
    marijuana law reform to apply pressure on their state elected officials
    when a bill is introduced in their state. All a visitor to the site has
    to do is enter their five-digit zip code or address, and the program will
    identify their state and federal representatives, alert them of any
    pending marijuana-related state or federal legislation, and provide
    sample letters to e-mail to their legislators.
    Letters from constituents can often be a deciding factor in how a
    legislator will vote, making it imperative that marijuana law reform
    advocates take full advantage of this opportunity.
    NORML recognizes that a program of this magnitude is too costly for many
    small organizations and individuals. Therefore NORML has provided an icon
    to link directly to NORML's Capwiz site that can be inserted on any web
    page free of charge. To insert this link on your site, simply choose an
    icon at, and copy
    the provided code onto your site.
    There are currently marijuana-related bills pending in Arkansas,
    Connecticut, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas,
    Virginia, and Wyoming. Action alerts have already been posted on the web
    site for these states.
    For more information, contact Kris Krane at, or call 202

    The "capwiz" link was dead , so I changed now it goes directly to Capwiz site , the "stickers" link looks like an interesting idea.

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  2. Great information, Roach. Thanks!!

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