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  1. NORML E-Zine
    Volume 4
    Issue 15
    April 5, 2001

    The NORML E-Zine is a free weekly compilation of major news
    items regarding marijuana policy. Text of archived stories
    are available
    on NORML's website at:


    * NORML to Join Gov. Ventura Tomorrow in Support of Medical
    Marijuana at
    State-Sponsored Forum

    * Michigan Petition Drive to Decriminalize Marijuana Starts

    * Montana Legislature Authorizes Farmers to Grow Hemp


    NORML to Join Gov. Ventura Tomorrow in Support of Medical
    Marijuana at
    State-Sponsored Forum

    St. Paul, MN: Members of NORML's board of directors and state
    will participate Friday in a state-sponsored forum
    to discuss the therapeutic
    use of marijuana. Governor Jesse
    Ventura (I), who Wednesday announced
    that he "fully supports"
    marijuana's medical use, will also attend the
    meeting, which is
    being jointly sponsored by the Department of Health and
    Department of Public Safety.

    NORML board-member Dr. John P. Morgan, a physician and
    professor of
    Pharmacology at City University of New York
    Medical School, will speak
    at the forum in favor of marijuana's
    therapeutic value. "Marijuana's therapeutic
    uses are well
    documented in the modern scientific literature," says Morgan,

    who recently co-authored the book Marijuana Myths, Marijuana
    Facts. "Politics,
    not medical science, has stood in the way of
    marijuana's approval as a
    legal medication." Minnesota NORML
    Chairman Aaron Neuman, who helped organize
    the forum, will also
    be in attendance.

    Several bills pertaining to the use and study of medical
    are now pending before the Minnesota legislature.
    Two of these, S.F. 1967
    and H.F. 2164, seek to exempt patients
    who use marijuana under a doctor's
    supervision from state
    criminal penalties. House File 1364, sponsored
    by Rep. Scott
    Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis), would establish an affirmative
    of medical necessity for patients charged with violating state

    marijuana laws. In addition, both houses are considering bills
    that would
    appropriate $100,000 to conduct research trials on
    the drug's therapeutic

    Organizers of tomorrow's event hope that it will encourage
    to move forward with several of these proposals.
    "Our hopes for Minnesota
    is that by encouraging research we can
    advance the acceptance of marijuana
    as an important medical
    tool and ultimately address the legal constraints
    at a national
    level," wrote Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm in a March
    invitation letter. Malcolm noted that under a 1981 state law,
    THC Therapeutic Research Act," Minnesota doctors are
    permitted to conduct
    medical research on marijuana's

    Additional backing for medical marijuana reform came from
    Gov. Ventura
    earlier this week. Speaking Wednesday at a
    student question-and-answer
    forum, Ventura stated: "Medical
    marijuana? I fully support it, absolutely.
    Who is the
    government to tell someone, if they have AIDS or cancer,
    they should be taking?" Ventura speculated that his
    mother, who suffered
    from respiratory disease and relied on
    large amounts of narcotics to relieve
    her suffering, may have
    benefited from the drug, and said that legalizing
    it for
    medical use would not encourage the recreational use of
    or other illicit substances.

    Tomorrow's forum will take place from
    8 a.m. to noon at
    the Snelling Office Park's Mississippi Room, 1645 Energy

    Park Dr., St. Paul.

    For more information, please contact Allen St.
    Pierre or
    Paul Armentano of The NORML Foundation, at (202) 483-8751,
    Aaron Neuman of Minnesota NORML at (651) 334-8780.

    Michigan Petition Drive to Decriminalize Marijuana
    Starts Tomorrow

    Ann Arbor, MI: A state-wide petition drive to decriminalize
    the use
    and possession of marijuana will kick off tomorrow at
    the National Symposium
    on Prohibition Reform Advocacy in Ann
    Arbor. Speaking in support of the
    campaign will be
    NORML Executive Director R. Keith Stroup, glaucoma patient

    Elvy Musikka, one of eight patients legally permitted to
    smoke medical
    marijuana under federal law, and petition
    organizer and Michigan State
    NORML Coordinator Gregory Carl
    Schmid, Esq. of Saginaw.

    Michigan's proposed initiative, known as the Personal
    Amendment (PRA) of 2001, would decriminalize
    the possession and cultivation
    of small amounts marijuana
    within an individual's private residence. The
    proposal would
    also exempt seriously ill patients who use marijuana medically

    from state criminal penalties, and provide additional
    funding for drug
    education and treatment. The Board of State
    Canvassers unanimously approved
    the initiative's language on
    March 23. Supporters have until October 3
    to collect the
    300,000 signatures necessary to place the measure before
    state-wide vote.

    PRA organizers are hopeful that they will collect many
    of these signatures
    Saturday at the 30th Annual Hash Bash at
    the campus of the University of
    Michigan at Ann Arbor.
    Speakers for the event include R. Keith Stroup
    and former
    Michigan marijuana prisoner and activist John Sinclair.

    For more information about the Personal Responsibility
    Amendment, please
    contact Gregory Schmid at (517) 239-9000
    or visit the PRA website at:

    Montana Legislature Authorizes Farmers to Grow Hemp

    Helena, MO: Legislation approved overwhelmingly by the
    House and Senate
    redefines marijuana containing no more than
    0.3 percent THC as an "agricultural
    crop," and permits
    state-licensed farmers to cultivate it. Passage of
    the measure,
    which the Senate approved 45-5 in February and the House

    approved 82-17 Wednesday, establishes a licensing procedure
    for farmers
    wishing to grow hemp as a commercial crop.
    Montana's legislature joins
    only North Dakota in its support
    of licensing and regulating hemp cultivation.

    An amendment to the bill mandates Montana's Department
    of Agriculture
    to request the federal government amend its
    federal laws prohibiting hemp
    cultivation. The amendment
    also requests federal officials issue a "waiver
    that will
    allow this act to be effective without federal preemption."

    For more information, please contact either Allen St.
    Pierre, NORML
    Foundation Executive Director, at (202) 483-8751
    or John Masterson of Montana
    NORML at (406) 542-8696.

    Support NORML's efforts to change marijuana policy and
    educate the public
    to alternatives to marijuana prohibition.
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