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  1. Why is it that you can't just grow weed like you would anyother herb or flower? I mean aside from the legality, why can't you just plant it in a pot and water the shit the you would anything else. I mean if it takes all this work and special equipment or outdoor setups/plans, then how do is grow naturally. Cuz i really wanna grow outdoor's but i really don't have the means necessary to get all this fancy shit right now. Idc if it's not super dank, even if it turn's out to be just streetweed that's fine. But is there any chance that i can just take some bagseed (germinate if need be) and just plant it in a pot and take care of it like anyother plant. Thanks,
  2. Yes you can just grow it like you asked... The reason for all of the equipment/planning is to creat the best possible enviroment in order to get the most out of the plant. A friend of mine put 4 seed in his back yard last yr and grew it just like the trees surrounding it. The quality was extreemly low but it did grow and he did get some bud. At the same time, my indoor setup that finished a little over a month ago produced a smaller amount per plant but was FAR stronger because it had closer to the perfect enviroment. Basicly you get out what you put in and personally i prefer to smoke better tasting danker bud
  3. good cuz im planing on starting two or three plants in cups in my window, then once they are sprouting move the cups to somewhere in my yard for about a week, then put them in pots, take them to the spot, and just water them a couple times a week(3-5). Could this work? I would like a few ounces atleast. A half pound or a pound would be real nice, how much do you think three bagseed plants, grown the way i described will produce?
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    There are alot of varriable that determine yield such as strain, nutrients, pests, and amount of light recieved to name a few. What you are asking is possible but there really is no way to even remotly accuratly predict total yield. I can tell you roughly what each of my indoor plants will produce but only because i do the same thing over and over and know my strains well. hope this helps
  5. you can grow weed with just water...
  6. You can. You just won't yield anything.

    Can you just throw a tomato plant in a pot, put it in your bedroom, water it a few times, and expect to have tasty plump tomatoes from it? If not why expect something different from cannabis.
  7. i have planted tomato plants outside, in the ground in the soil they came in, watered them regularly(about once a week i used miracle grow) and let nature do the rest and have gotten big juicy tomato's yes. So i kinda would expect weed to just grow in a pot with daily watering.
  8. yes you have been very helpful and informational thank you:smoke:

    this is what i hope to do. With water, soil, and hope/love lol.:D
  9. As mentioned it's the case where some effort on your part will yield better results, you will probably get results no matter what you do it's just the quality/quantity that will be different.

    Understand that no amount of care/love/$$$ invested in plants grown from low quality bagseed weed will increase it to "killer' quality. You can probably grow it better than you bought it, for no other reason then you bought weed that had gone to seed vs growing your own and not letting it get pollinated so more energy goes to the thc.

    Late spring last year I topped my outside plant again, I then wanted to experiment with cloning so I tried to root the cuttings. So now it was early summer and I had some cloned plants, so I scattered them in the woods/fields just over the line from my yard(rural setting). Three were just a few feet out of the yard so they got lots of watering and I dug nice size holes for them. The 4th went into an old apple orchard that was maybe a couple hundred yards from my lawn. That one only got watered by me a few times over the summer and the hole was just big enough to transplant it into, no extra digging.

    I wasn't expecting much since it was so late to start but figured I had nothing to lose, better than throwing the clones out. The three near the house got maybe 2' and yielded maybe a 1/8-1/4, the 4th plant was only 1' and yielded one bud grape size. In this case all the plants were equal at transplant time, same parent, same age, etc etc. So the difference was in the care/love the 3 got, #4 still had bud just no where near her sisters output.

    And if you think about it your comparison to vegatable plants is perfect because they are the same way, some people just dig a hole or fill a pot and keep it watered while others will make compost, double dig, mulch, weed, prune, etc etc. Both get results, but the 2nd guy "usually" gets better results.

  10. Uhhh. You can do that with weed too.. You do realize that cannabis has thrived and grown outdoors with no help from man for hundreds of thousands of years right?
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    I dont think anyone is questioning that fact. The question is mor of quality and quantity of yield. Whats the point of taking the risk of growing an illegal plant especially in your own yard as the OP stated if what you get isnt worth smoking? Like I and others have said, to get something out you need to put something in. Like my first responce stated you can just put it in the ground but you arent going to get anywhere near the results of someone who tries to create a better enviroment will. Let me ask it this way, which do you think is stronger... The stuff that grew wild and was smoked by american service men in vietnam or the white widow in my closet that gets the right specrrum of light and the right temps/rh and right nutes? I know we're tatlking about apples and oranges but there is a big diffrence in giving love and taking care or just "letting nature take its course"

  12. Yeah I didn't really even read the OP or any of the rest of the thread, lol. My bad. I just got so sick of reading so many dumb ass posts today I just assumed this thread was equally as dumb as the other ones I was reading. Carry on people.. :smoke:

  13. Lmao! Happens to all of us I think.

  14. You will get out of it what you put into it. Put very little time, effort and care into it and you wont get much out of it. If you have good soil for growing outdoors then that makes it alot easier. The more care you put into them inside like good lights, nutes soil etc.. the healthier the plant will be and the healthier it is the better its gonna produce. Big difference between growing inside compaired to outside. This year for my outside grow I`m just gonna use Alaskan Fish emulsions, they have two kinds one for veg and one for flower and unsuplhered molasses. Inside is more technical in regards to light, soil and nutrients, your trying to give the plants inside what they would be getting from mother nature outside.
  15. I grew a plant outdoors last year, got 3 ounces from it but it was so low quality i had to smoke 2 or 3 joints to even get a buzz, that's why i invested in some equipment an now grow indoors.
  16. Last year outside I had 2 Romulan clones growing ouside and I used Technaflora nutes and lots of unsuplhered molasses and got a little over 2 pounds off of both. I gave some to a few friends that live about 25 minutes away and they thought it was indoor grown from how crystaly and sticky they got. I took clones off of them and grew some indoors and it was even better just didnt get as much.
  17. In the ground, they can source all sorts of elements and goodies for nutrition. Nature can provide some food, but even then, it's best to supplement that just as much as you normally would indoors.

    But if you put them in a pot, with a medium void of that nutrition (and it won't be generating more on its own), and you just give them water, the whole growth structure changes and you won't yield very much at all. One of the reasons it's nicknamed 'weed', is because of how tough it is, and how determined it is to grow and procreate, even in spite of a less-than-adequate environment... when the plants don't die, and they produce some amount of bud, it causes people to assume they've done 'good enough', when in fact they could have done much, much better.

    Tomatoes planted in the ground, given pure water, can certainly be big and juicy, but well-fed tomatoes that had what they needed, the entire time they were developing, not only get bigger and juicier, but they taste much better as well. Additionally, your potency suffers greatly when you deprive the plant of the basic elements it needs to thrive.
  18. I'm going to give it all the best love and care i can, it's not a matter of me not wanting to do the work, it's a financial thing. I can afford some soil and fertilizer from lowes, but i can't regulate the ph and whats exactly in the soil and have lights and all those things. Mainly i'm just tired of spending so much on weed. I just need a dirt cheap alternative, i'll put in as much effort as needed.
    I'm gunna put my blood sweat and tears into it, so hopefully nature will help me out to deal with the money issue.
  19. Good luck bro .

    i done the same last year , only used basic soil and nutes from the local shop ,but i did have good strains to start they all came out very well with just the basics and love , saying tht though this season i will be putting more money into the project to hopefully get better results , still though got some kick ass bud off the girls that lasted me and a few hevey smoker friends a good few months .

    god love nature
  20. k cool im prolly use krippy seeds from orlando Fl:hello:

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