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Norcali's Grapefruit Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Norcali, May 22, 2010.

  1. Well, after doing a watering today... I noticed on one of my pots I may have springtails in the soil. I always have sticky strips up in the garden, so they must have gotten in when I stored the soil in a back room for about 2weeks in between these grows. Though they can be harmless, mostly just breaking down organic matter in the soil -yay-. If they get to be to large of a population... they may get hungry for roots. Anyone have any stuff to kill pathogens in soil that doesnt decimate other biological stuff in the soil? Maybe even organic?

    More on springtails.

  2. What do springtails look like. Where do they come from. are they all over the country? I have never heard of them. And also hope never to see them:(
  3. Hey Norcali,

    I have a Dinafem fruit auto in my grow right now as well so I'm keeping an eye on yours for comparison. Subbed.
  4. Good to hear sweet!

    They are these little silver/white guys that root around in soil. At first I thought it was gnat larva, but I keep my house pretty free of gnats and small insects (minus the afore mentioned storage closet that has partial exposure to outdoors). I only saw these guys when I first watered right as the lights went on, apparently that is pretty common. They first just looked like the water was glistening on something very small, but upon closer inspection with my jewlers loupe I was able to get a better picture. They are pretty common little buggers, something like 6000 different types of these guys, they are all over the world. I was talking to a local farming buddy about what kind of pests it could be in the soil, and he pointed me in this direction. It's my best estimation, and they arnt supposed to be anything major, but they can wreak havoc if they are large in number or with plants with delicate roots.
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    A quick picture update, topped two plants and left the shortest, p3 untopped. P2 & P3 are showing pistils already, so I am expecting the spurt to start any day now. P1 was topped proper, P2 was fim'd (a true F@#$ I missed) and will probably end up with 3 tops instead of 2. I am excited for P1 & P3, it is pretty evident which pheno's those are. P2 isn't that clear yet, but I am sure she will pleasently surprise me :):D


  6. aww they're so cute:eek:
  7. Hey Cali! Look at the little babies....[​IMG]
  8. I wish they'd grow up already!
  9. I feel ya homie. Foot getting tired from all that tapping eh.......

    Are you gonna start cloning or what Cali? That way you don't have to wait so long man.
  10. Yeah when these get going ill be cutting clones off of p1&3. :) make for easier runs in the future.
  11. The babies are looking good so far, good luck with this grow! :D


    [​IMG] :smoking:
  12. Good day to ya Cali man! Appreciate that info my brotha.
  13. Hey just trying to help my bruh out :) Hope everything is going AllGREAT!
  14. What's up Cali. Just swingin' through. Got some great cali pics for me :D
  15. Im currently on a road trip chaufering family around, perhaps ill stop and take some snaps for you AG, and of course Ill have some progress shots of the girls when I get home next week :)
  16. Have fun Buuuuudy!
  17. Quick update, the biggest little girl. Everyone is showing pistols, but the other three plants are really far behind. For all intents and purposes, consider them sidelined :eek: They will continue to occupy a slot under the light, but they really arnt worth updating. Just racking them up to novice mistakes on my part.

    Here is the girl that will be going full term :smoking:

  18. Lookin good.

    Whats up with you tho man.

    How was that trip?
  19. It was more about family visiting from out of state, so I had to taxi them to and from my moms house from LA, which was a PITA because the central valley is a freaking oven right now. HOT. Forgive me for not posting pics, but it was a good trip, took them to see the central coast and enjoyed some of the touristy towns out there.

    It was less fun than I thought, as no one wanted to go out in the heat. Its nice to be home :)
  20. I bet man that sounds good. Spending time with family is always important. So you where in LA and didn't even tell me bro lol tsk tsk. But i wish i would have been able to tour around central cali a little bit.

    I loved the bay though. but next time i want to take the Highway 1 up to SLO and then go to the 101. Last time when i came back from Sac/SanFran I took that shit all the way back down and then took the 101 from SLO...bad choice. Trip took close to 12 hours lmao. The Big Sur is a bitch. I was lit the whole time. Had a doobie in my hand every 20-30 minutes so i was leveled out. It was pitch black. Scary as fuck to say the least.

    And yeah it has been hot as hell lately. Keep in touch cousin.

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