Norcali's Grapefruit Grow

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    Pretty simple grow going on here guys...

    • Grapefruit X 3
    • Fruit Automatic X 1 (Grapefruit hybrid)
    • 250w HID
    • FFOF cut with per lite.
    • Alaskan Morbloom & Fish emulsion. ( Might switch to Earth Juice in bloom)
    • 5gal pots
    • Topping, training, super-cropping incoming...

    Trying to push oz/plant with these girls while keeping it under 3ft:eek: :cool:

    So roll up one of these and enjoy!

  2. Round 2 DING DING DING!!!!!!!

    Along for the ride my brotha!
  3. You are quick man! How is it going over there! Hopefully your harvest was allgood :smoke:
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    Yay, Norcali rides again! :hello:

    If it lets me rep ya, you got it!

    EDIT: I must spread it around. Sorry dude :(
  5. Well, I was out and about when I got the email. I was hoping to be the first one! :D

    I had know idea that the trim was gonna take that long!!! Still haven't finish. I should be posting something later.

    Let's work on that sig!!!
  6. Cha, thats partially what I ment when I said I am "hopeful you are having as much fun as I did" because damn that was a lot of trimming. I ended up breaking it up into two trim jobs, first the rough cut. Then when the buds lost some water weight (3-4days later) I went back for the super detail job. Its worth it though man. Some of the best shit I've smoked is sitting in my cupboard.

    Tedious, but enjoyable. The best part comes in a week or two when you are able to smoke your first "real bud". IMHO popcorn cuttings are like a hint of what your bud is... the real test comes after the dry, and then again after a good cure!

    I keep thinking of your damn purple buds. I want to smoke them! Ill be lurking in your thread until some kind of update is posted... :D
  7. So no quick cure for the Cali man. I feel ya bruh. Hear people talkin' about it all the time. My patience is strong so a couple of weeks won't kill me.

    How was your Monday? Got any ideas for an avi or sig?
  8. Sub'd up, gonna be sick.

  9. Hope so! Happy to have you around again man :):hello:

    Monday was great, Monday is my wake and bake day! Smokin miss Snow white all day. Killed like 10 joints haha :p:smoke::smoking::bongin:

    For the avi, I was thinking some how incorporate a sliced grapefruit+ pot leaf, or Grapefruit + Joint/blunt picture...

    Honestly I don't love the idea, but I can't think of much else. I need to smoke more and ponder the subject :) I'd love to hear any ideas someone could throw out there :eek:

    In other news AG, snow is finally melting from the crazy high altitudes! This year its been like 2 months late... so incoming treking/hiking/fly fishing adventures, and i'll try to get some snapshots of the back mountains up here for yah guys :hello:
  10. Always look forward to your nature pics. :)

    I'm gonna get a little high and thing about that sig pic. I gotcha!
  11. Hey bros! I'm in too!

    Cool grow, Norcali! That Grapefruit sounds like something I'd like to get a hold of. Show us what she can do!
  12. Well, things are prodding along slowly, as can be expected at this stage. Second leaf sets blah blah blah...

    In other news! Two great things happened yesterday! First, after loosing all of my Mystery Sativa from last grow (improperly dried/cured resulting in mold growth) A buddy of mine reminded me that I had given him a sampler, so got to enjoy that delicious lady for the last time last night.

    And to further good news, yet another one of my grow buddies/dispensary volunteer hooked me up with some Grapefruit so I'd know what I have to look forward to in the coming months! Also picked up an 8th of sour diesel :smoking: Its going to be a good night fellas.

    Now I present to you...
    Sour Diesel :p
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    I have an idea buddy.. Ill pm you tomorrow :D:cool:

    Sweet MX! Im gona pimp the #$%^ out of this #%$&@ until vice drops the smack down. I really want to start to push these plants a little, last grow was all "dont kill it, dont f*ck it up" This grows theme will simply be "more"
  14. Good morning Cali man! Hell yeah.....smoke report on that Grapefruit would be appreciated.

    I agree with this........
  15. How's the Fruit doing ? :D
  16. Well, Let me tell you about some Grapefruit. Smoked some from bong n joint, and that stuff is tasty! Very fruity, and a good fun head high. It isnt over bearing, like zero paranoia, and the pics don't do it justice, that shit is dank. Based on my first impression, potency 8/10, taste 9/10, bag appeal 9/10, smell 9/10. The sour diesel is similar with 9/10 potency, taste 8/10 bag appeal 8/10, smell 9/10.

    The shop I picked this up off of carries some nice strains, and they have seeds for the SD and some other hybrids in there. I'm a little skeptical about the Sour Diesel seeds, its the first i've seen that strain in seed form, i could have sworn it was clone only... its about 100$ for a seed pack, or 20$/seed. Pricey for regular seeds.
  17. Thanks for that Cali man! Made a real strong case for that Grapefruit. Gonna have ta follow suit and get me some seeds.
  18. HIGH-Ya Norcali, thanks for bumping me in your new direction dood, I never would have found it otherwise:eek:. Okay man, Im sorry but my lack of dank knowledge is going to show; explain the c99 genetics to me, they seem to be a little special, no? The pickup looks fiery as hell man....fiery as hell, thats really fiery man:smoking:, LOL, fuckin roach weed and 2am has be rambling all sorts of dumb :). Im subin'in and coppin a chunk of floor to sit and lurk ;):wave:.
  19. Well, im no pro, I mostly go by the advisement of the well knowns on this site for my weed knowledge. C-99 is an original hybrid developed by Brothers Grimm Seed Co. a few years back. It speculated that it is a mix of mostly sativa, some indica lineage, but that exact info was never disclosed. It has a strong heady high with some pheno's tasting really pineapply, grapefruit/citrus, and the highly coveted "rotten fruit" high thc pheno. Most of the "pineapple" or other "tropical fruit" hybrids from breeders now days contains some c99. You can still find people selling f2-f5 c99 plants on seedbay and from Joey weeds via when they have them in stock. Its effect is supposed to be very high head, but with the ability to cause paranoia easily. So most breeders, like the one I chose, have bread out some of the unfavorable characteristics, improving yeild, isolating taste, etc. etc. TGA has some sweet hybrids I will be growing in the future as well :)

    Grapefruit is just c99 crossed with their easy sativa (

    Fuck me I'm high. Been smoking that preview grapefruit and shit, good weed :smoke:
  20. Thanks for that break down.

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