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  1. Hey everyone Hope ur summers going well. Im in the north bay area this will be my first grow, I got a real late start. So what im working with is 4 10 gallon pots, 3 of which are smart pots. I have 2 bubba kush clones that were around seven inches tall when i got them and one purple urckle that was about 4.5 inches tall n real bushy. I have been taking care of those for 8 days. I also have a baby OG kush that i have had for 5 days.

    For soil i got FF ocean forest and nutes are floragro I over did it on nutes on my second day tho and the leaves curled up the 3 strong ones are cool now but the og hasnt grown much at all and still dosent look recovered.

    I also have a seed germinating that im stoked about its alpha blue (sour d x blue dream) that strain took two 2ed places this year and i havnt been able to find clones or seeds in cali only online for $220 lol.


    Pic1 all 4 Pic2 bubba 1 pic3 bubba 2 pic4 purple urckle were taken in morning

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  2. They look nice. Nothing wrong with a late start. It's better then no start :smoke:
    I have a few runts going this season so, just today, I went out and got a few more clones to put out.
  3. NICE! should be a good time! especially with some purple urkle, I would love a nice smoke of some urkle, such a nice "purple" smell and taste.
  4. Thanks bro. Gl on the new additions and ur runts :)

    I LSTed the Urckle and bubba 1 im not sure if this was a good idea because they will have limited veg time.But im kida looking at this grow as a learning experience so im experimenting. ALso does anyone know if this bug is like a lady bug or will it jack up my baby its not red its like tan

    cheers and happy toking

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  5. I got the alpha blue sprouted its already like two inches tall. I added a lavander trainreck to the garden thats in the ground with the og kush so got 6 plants total going. ill have pics up tomorrow the plants have started to really bush out and all are in week 1 of flower except the lavtrainwreck the og kush maby week 2.

    *this will be first ever grow diary of the strain alpha blue

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