NOOOOOOOO not ivan love doja hahaha

Discussion in 'General' started by IamDaBeast, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i miss his random rants hahahahah. hope hes constantly masterbating in a btter place lmao
  2. yeah i hope hes masturbating too.
  3. hahaha do u know wat happened to him?
  4. I believe he got banned for telling Smokentoke420 to get a gun and shoot himself

  5. yep

    that's ban worthy
  6. wtf??

    whole lotta bannin going on these days......
  7. o man thats a lil harsh:( he seemed like he rly liked it here, tho he was a lil bit of a dick sumtimes.
  8. Dude, it seemed like that guy had over 300 posts in one night.
  9. i wouldnt consider him a troll, because he added to some threads
  10. what was his avatar//

    or sig
  11. idk bout his avatar but his sig was an elephant next to like 10 weed plants hahahaha

  12. I didn't know the poster or Smoke but given that most of us on here aren't in a "normal" state of mind, that's a really fucked up thing to tell someone.

    he seemed cool

    and said some funny stuff
  14. I dont laugh at many things but i remember that kid cracked me up
  15. Trolls can create new threads as well. So I really don't see your point.
  16. no, i mean he actually had some funny things to say and added good points to sum threads

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