NOOO! Someone found my plot? Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by GuerillaNugget, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. GC,
    Oh, fuck. Not again. :mad:Yesterday I found what I think is evidence of a potential human being having found my site... No footprints to be found, but a blackberry creeper right in between 2 of my ladies was wrenched over backwards and kinked in half, as though it had snagged on someone/thing passing thru. Also, a camo tarp I have covering my gear seemed to have been disturbed, but the wind does that too, sometimes. I have smelly shit out to keep deer away, and there was no digging/animal tracks or droppings. No damage to any of my plants.. I havent had any real animal problems/sightings except for a couple turkeys, my local guardian rattlesnake who Ive seen a couple times and some rodent droppings I found a couple weeks back.
    Im paranoid, I get that, but it wouldnt be the first time my paranoia has been proven justified. I grow, comes with the territory. My gut(not usually leading me astray) tells me someone was there and I cant shake this feeling of worry and growing paranoia and pissiness.
    Im going to take some basic steps to determine if this douche has come back, setting sticks just so, etc, but what else? Should I put on my Ghillie suit and case the plot for a few days and try to scare away the possible intruder? It wont be much fun, but Id sit there for a damn week to see the look on this assholes face when i pop up screaming obscenities looking like Son of Swamp Thing and waving a bigass machete. No money for an IR game camera, or Id do that first. Im FUKN TRIPN BALLS, GC. ANy ideas or even emotional support would be much welcome at this point...errrargh..:confused:
    Thanx yall....Grrlanugz.
  2. Ghillie suit 100% haha. But seriously are they in the ground or pots?
  3. Only 2 could be moved, out of 8.... Those 2 are gone as soon as i figure out their accomodations. The others are sharing massive holes, 2 plants per hole, 3 holes. Impossible to move those, I wouldnt even want to risk destroying all that lovely rootmass...Especially on the off chance Im wrong about this ripper thing...
  4. Well the best you can do right now is move those two and try to confirm that's it's a person and not just some deer or coyotes. If it is an animal put a bunch of human hair on/ around the plants. I also piss on the outside of the pots as the deer around here are insanely destructive.
  5. Leave a pocket knife out laying at your grow site. Or anything that most people would take. A pack a smokes. Some change, Hand held poker game. Etc Etc.

    Fanny sack with some stuff in it. Most people would pick it up. Pebbles on top of your tarp..
  6. If your in dense cover you can run some olive green lightweight thread around the perimeter of the garden about a foot off the ground. Deer don't drag their feet. If it's broken when you come back you'll be pretty well sure it's a human.
  7. get a wild life camera, one where you can turn off the flash. They're pretty cheap these days.
  8. Technically, you can move those in the ground. I've ripped 2 plants out of the ground that were about 3 weeks into budding, plopped them in another hole and they continued to bud.
  9. I agree with baiting the plot but just remember....a robber is also a killer/murderer, especially if you intend to brandish a weapon you must also logically expect the 2nd option you haven't mentioned, that being that the ripper is strapped/armed. you're in the one knows you're there so you're an easy statistic........but that's the risk and I support that shit 100%
  10. old thread lol

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