Noobe Grower, Germination and Seedling Question

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  1. I am very close to having my grow area properly dried in and cleaned up, and I have a tent and ventilation gear, along with HID lighting ready to go. I am pretty confident through reading on the forums and asking questions that I have a decent handle on these issues.

    Now I am focused on the gardening issues. I think I am going to to go with Coco Coir mixed with some perlite for a growing medium, and use liquid newts along with ph adjusted well water for a hand watered hyrdo grow. Any comments on these issues are most welcome.

    But what I'm really a bit confused about as a straightup, first time gardener, is the issue of seed germination. So I have a question: Is it possible to germinate the seeds in the growing medium? ( coco). From what I have read, rock wool cubes seem to be the preferred medium for germination (if one is not using soil.) Has anybody on the forum ever planted directly into coco?
  2. Additionally... I'm still in learning mode, so any arguments for a noobe going with soil over self watered hydo are certainly welcome.

    I've posted this elsewhere, but this will be in a 3 x 3 x 6 grow tent located in a basement.
  3. as i always advise people when germinating, "just put the dam seeds in the dirt"
    messing about with paper towels with possible injury to the roots is not only completely unnecessary it serves no advantage. coco is pretty much the same as soil. its very light and airy so works great. however because its inert you will need to use specific nutrients. you could use standard hydro nutes, but not soil nutes. coco is very light and airy so your probably not going to see much advantage of using perlite but its certainly not going to cause you any problems so go for it if you want

    rockwool cubes are a pain in the ass, if your going to grow in coco just put your seeds straight in. about half inch to and inch deep, you dont have to be accurate. and give it a good watering, and roberts your fathers brother.
  4. Thank you Jetski. Now... this is going to possibly bust up the axiom about stupid questions... but here goes...

    I'm assuming that I still need a small pot for germination of seedlings and then transplant to the 3 gallon pots I'll be growing in? Or should I just take off in the 3 gallon pots? I'm assuming starting in the smaller containers make it easier to manage moisture and nutes.

    Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.
  5. this is very true for soil. but coco fibre breaks up very easily so if your going to step up pot size with coco be careful. but you should be pretty careful with soil anyway lol
    personally i very much value the advantages that smaller pots give. as you said, moisture management. so i would step up the sizes myself

    with coco having such awesome drainage properties your unlikely going to have over watering problems. its dries out pretty quick and evenly

    the only stupid questions are the ones that aren't asked :)
  6. Thanks for the insights, Jetski!

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