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  1. Been lurking GC forever. Finally got a username set up because I finally got my first grow set up.

    I have 35 8 day old seedlings (and 35 more still waiting to pop) under a 4 foot reflector and a 1000w MH light. I currently have it running around the clock. I have the light on a interchangeable ballast and plan to run the HPS during the flowering. All organic indoor in a 10x10 room. Plan on maxing out the room. Hoping for 70-80 plants. I have a co2 set up on its way. I built a shadow box over the window in the grow room and just have a window fan venting in fresh air currently. Hoping also for a point in the right direction for smell control. I have been looking into carbon filters but havnt been able to find anything that hooks right up to an air duct system so I can vent it into the attic.

    Anywho I am here for suggestions. I have read a lot about growing and I have been smoking and dealing for over 10 years. I trimmed in Hayfork California this harvest season and got to learn from some pro's. Any questions or suggestions let me know... picture post asap!
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    Welcome to the city!

    Are you farming Gorillas? :eek:

    On edit: I suggest you start a grow journal in the appropriate forum section.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. And yes, I am growing medical gorillas in my spare room...:smoke:

  4. Haha glad you took it with humor! [​IMG]

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