Noob starting outdoor grow, suggestions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bonesaw27, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey noob here starting a grow outside in pots. Going to use Fox Farm Ocean Forrest mixed with 20-25% Perlite and a lil Lime for a grow medium. Got some Skunk #1 seeds and Pineapple express from Attitude seed bank.The local Hydro store has pointed me in the direction of BIOBIZZ nutrients, Bio-Grow, Alg-A-Mic, Bio-Bloom, and TopMax. Close to $200.00 in nutes. Done a lot of research here and there is a ton of great info so thanks to all. I am just looking for a lil direct feedback, tips, etc. I could use to have a successful harvest. Are these Nutes good or are there cheaper better options? Help please:confused:
  2. Bit late to be starting but I been told bat gauno/seabird gauno is great
  3. Debating just waiting and getting my light and growing inside so I can control the environment...
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    I would because it really is a bit late to start outside as many peoples plants are already flowering and preflowering
  5. Thanks for the advice..Gonna wait and get my gear together.
  6. cutting it close to the shift of seasons mate..u could start an indoor
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    No need to use lime with Fox Farms Ociean forrest soil. That soil is already PH balance at 6.8.

    Can I ask why you want to add the lime? More stable perhaps? Or to Balance the low Ph fert water? Just wondering friend. Thanks

    ps, Not sure about your ferts. But your soil and perlite choice is good pick for backyard grows. If growing in the bush I would not use 25% perlite. It will need to much water then.

    Nice to see a person starting off right. Maybe late but your thinking right on your choices.
  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence 5150. I had read in the beginner forum that adding something like a tblsp of lime to the ocean forest was good to add to help keep the ph up. Getting my 1000w MH/HPS in 2 weeks and gonna do it indoor the right way plus I want to be able to grow year round.:smoke:

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