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  1. What is sativa and indica?
  2. Indica vs Sativa

    Indica and sativa are both strains of the cannabis weed, also known as marijuana. Typically, it is used as a psychoactive drug in its dried herbal form. Cannabis has got three known species which are sativa, indica and ruderalis. In this article we’ll look at the contrasts between the sativa and indica species of the cannabis weed.

    The plant structure
    Sativa plants are just as different in appearance from the Indicas as they are in the chemical composition of the leaves. The sativa plant grows taller, thinner and its leaves have smaller breadth, with a lighter green color indicating less chlorophyll. Sativa plants grow considerably taller and in a single season a plant can reach a height of twenty feet. They take between ten to sixteen weeks to fully mature from the time they start to flower. They give lower yields than indica but with higher potent.

    Indica plants are generally shorter, are bushy and the leaves have more breadth with a darker green color because of more chlorophyll they contain. Indica grows faster therefore has a shorter growing season and because they don’t grow so tall, they are more suited for indoor growing than sativa.

    Chemical properties
    In the chemical properties, indica has got higher levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) which has got higher sedative effects than dranabinol (THC) so indica will most likely get you sleepier compared to sativa. However because sativa has got higher concentration of THC levels than CBD, it has got more psychoactive effects and therefore it will likely cause pronounced effects on the nervous system like mood changes, perception and general behavior. Although it has more sedative properties, sativa is also said to cause alertness and hallucinatory effects.

    Various other strains of cannabis can be produced by crossing indica and sativa and individual strains within the crosses are also got, which all have varying cannabinoid profiles and effects. Anecdotal research has shown that indica strains have more anti anxiety effects, provide better sleeping aid, more relaxant, relieve pain, muscle spasms and tremors. Sativa strains have been shown to be stimulants, with higher psychoactive effects.

    1. Sativa plants grow taller and much slower than Indica plants.
    2. Sativa plant leaves grow narrower with less chlorophyll than Indica leaves which are wider and darker.
    3. Indica has sedative effects while sativa has stimulating effects.
    4. Indica gives higher yields than sativa.
    5. Indica has got higher concentration of cannabidiol than sativa.

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  3. 2 species of the cannabis plant

    Indica would be shorter with broader leaves, and sativa taller, with thinner leaves

    Indica gives a more stoney body high
    Sativa gives a racy head high

  4. Whoever wrote that needs to edit the first line to say 2 species, not strain. They are not strains, they are species damnit
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