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  1. I've tried to search the forums but can't find anything to do with Male plants.

    from the sounds of things there isn't anything you can do with a male.

    for reasons of security I've only got one plant on the go but its not done a first flowering yet and if its a male then is there anything I can do with it?
  2. tbh not really.

    A male can be of some use if you also had a female, you could have gotten more seeds for next time.

    Males are sometimes thrown into the hash making process, but usually along with plenty of dank female buds.
  3. I guess I should have spent a litte more and bought some feminised seeds then...

    I hope its a girl.
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    Personally I don't shell out the extra for fem seeds, although they are helpful they are so damn expensive.

    Next time just start more than one plant, so all your eggs aren't in one basket. There is a way to check the sex of a plant by covering one branch with a bag (has to be opaque) for 12 hours on and then 12 hours off (so it has 12 hours of light and 12 of dark) for a few days. It will show sex and you can see whether its worth keeping.
  5. Ahhh. well as it is my first plant I'm going to let it grow to term as I am proud of it anyway.

    for personal reasons I would only grow one plant at a time. Its just too risky otherwise.

    So you can't mash up the leaves of a male and just make bush?
  6. Nah, and you won't really see much crystal development if its a male. I suppose you COULD smoke it, but theres no real bud or anything you can toke on, just leaf and whatnot.
  7. I paid 25 UK pounds for 5 GHS WW. Not too bad.
  8. But there goes all your savings, and more. It will cost you more to buy the 2 "regular" seeds and then provide the space, lighting, ventilation, soil or reservoir, nutes, etc to grow them out, and you still have a 25% chance of no females, a 50% chance of getting a male that you have to toss, and even a 25% chance of getting 2 females which, in the OP's case, would mean he would have to trash a viable female because he has space for only one plant. That adds up to a lot of wasted money, effort, time, and resources.

    It would cost less to buy femmed seeds, plus you increase your odds of getting females to 100%.
  9. Meh most seed shops here are like 200 bucks for like a 10 pack of femmes.

    Theres no way I'm gonna do that when I can get a regular 10 pack for 85, get a female and clone off of it for starter plants. Plus planting outdoors gives me time to have a lot of plants on the go and be able to sacrifice the males when sex shows.
  10. Plenty femmed seeds to choose from out there for under $100 a 10-pack.
  11. Ahhh the reason I'm only growning one is just in case I get busted. one is only a caution.

    And toastybiz I'm actually growning naturally. no lights, no fertilizer just soil, perlite, Vermiculite and water.

    and some unusually great natural sunlight for once. Have a look. what do you think? hehe

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    You think growing in barren soil without any kind of fertiliser is somehow natural??

    Horse shit is one of the most natural and effective fertilisers, unlike vermiculite which is a man made material.

    And windowsill grows rarely succeed - there is not enough daylight, and stray light from inside the house messes up the dark period - totally unnatural.
  13. I was able to pick and mix (just buy one seed) and was able to buy 4 fem seeds and I got one free from Attitude. Just flowered my first plants ever (bagseed) and sexed them 5 females 4 males, It was pretty neat seeing white hairs and saying Aww thats what Im looking for.... My Fem seeds are in week 2 of flowering so I cant wait in a month I will be able to see alll 10 sisters side by side...
  14. Most window grows look worse than that, but don't be fooled, even if you manage to properly flower that thing, you won't be enjoying very much bud.

    Depending on where you live, the penalty for 1 plant can be the same for 3 or 4. In some places, the amount of plants do not matter, and still in other places, penalties are determined based on whether you intend to sell.
  15. I feel as though I am being attacked.

    FFS its my first grow.

    By natural I guess I should have meant Basic.

    And it seems to be growing fine so far. Doing an inch a day and its getting some good sun light, Even if I have to turn it every day.

  16. Well, obviously those of us who have been growing for years know fuck all.

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