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noob question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potthesmoke, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. is there anyway to prevent paranoia while high or geeking out. i tend to do both often but it's mostly when my tolerance is low. does this mean i have to smoke a lot to avoid all this?
  2. The more you do it the more comforatble you will get with it. Also th more you do it your tolorance will naturally get higher but you dont neccisarily need to smoke more haha that may make you freak out more
  3. i've been smoking what i consider to be a lot for almost two years now but everytime i take a break and smoke again i get all paranoid which sucks cus i really like weed.
  4. It all depends on way too many variables to say "well this sucks" and quit. When I started smoking I used to hate the paranoia. Then I found out it came from being afraid of getting bagged by my mom. So when I moved out I started to really enjoy the hell out of smoking. Try smoking with some friends you really love. Seriously, try to make the most comfortable atmosphere for yourself before you toke and hopefully you'll just sink into it.

    Hanging out with friends listening to music, playing family guy trivia games and smoking herb is pretty hard to beat for a fun night.
  5. Be comfortable and secure with your surroundings. And if for some reason the paranoids start to set in, remind yourself that you're fine, everything is ok, nothing's going to happen. You just have to reassure yourself and make yourself believe that things are cool and eventually you'll be fine.
  6. True that. There's nothing to be scared about..but that's kinda hard to tell yourself when your freaking out. One time my cat stared at me in such an intense manner I thought she was trying to read my mind. It's gaze did not let up, and it's feline eyes freaked the shit outta me. :confused: When I think back about it..why did I freak out..who knows why..but the cats not's me.

    The best way is to just really get comfortable..take care of all worries before hand, being with friends, or in a nice chill vibe will really help chase away all thoese bad thoughts. :p
  7. Ya, there's this girl who I smoke with, everytime we smoked it was at this one house, she always flipped out and didn't talk was just kinda freaked out, we went to her house one time to smoke, and she was COMPLETELY different. She was like a normal high person! haha I guess atmosphere, even if you might not think it's a bad atmosphere, but when you're high, you definately notice little things that can go wrong in an instant!:eek:
  8. the only advice I can give you, is just be careful. Don't over exagerate it to where you dont want to smoke, but just be careful with it. I started being less and less careful with my smoking, and got busted.

  9. When I was 18, I smoked up with my buddies, behind a school. For whatever reason, I got fried, and just started running. So so thirsty, no money, I ran into a tavern, begged for a glass of water. Next thing, I know, I'm talking an Ambulance ride. Bottom line, I had a huge panic attack.

    The End
  10. ROFL
    i know exactly what you mean, one time we finished toking at a friends house and his mom walked him holding his baby brother and the kid stared at me and it freaked me out too. i guess thats what ruined that guy's house for cus thats were i usually smoke.

    i hate those dude. i had one a while back where i felt like i was drowning in water. until i passed out and woke up 2 hrs later feeling better.
  11. it sux wen the people u chill wit start to fuck wit u... like wen i was a noob my friends would point and say i had somethin in my face, i was so high i started believin themm...they stopped doin it after i showed that i was not paranoid but on the inside i was fuckin freakin out.... its all about brain power really, u can control urself out of it
  12. smoke by yourself for a while
  13. I used to have THE WORST paranoia trips.. But eventually I mellowed out and smoking rarely makes me that scared anymore unless I have a plausible reason to be..

    Anyway, to answer your question, man. I think it's all up to you, really. I know how it feels to be paranoid, and for me, once you start it's hard to stop a bad trip like that. One of the first steps I take is to tell someone to tell me a story or distract me in some way.
  14. That's so sad dude! I've been there so many times >_< it sucks
    & yeah, you basically gotta just talk yourself out of it.
  15. The reason you get paranoid is everyone really IS out to get you. Watch your back bro.
  16. that's actually not a bad idea. thinking back on it, when i get like that i tend to stray from the group and it doesnt help much.

    lmao, not cool
  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we have a winner!
  18. whose rep are you tryna add to? ...could it be me?
    w/e it's never me...:hide:

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