Noob question? Help? :)

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  1. Although this question isn't about marijuana plants, it's about regular plants in general so I thought I'd ask you guys.

    To have a plant inside my house would be ideal to cut back on toxins and other harmful agents lurking my bedroom.

    But, I have carpet. And my question is, how does one go about having indoor plants when he has carpet flooring? I don't want to get water leaching from any pots into the carpet. I'd like any tips and or ideas on how to keep my carpet plant free?

    I could place a towel under my pots right? or something silly like that. But I'd like to be more professional here. So help me out!? :D

  2. Noooo! Never a towel. If it gets wet and sits mold will develop. Just go to Walmart or someplace similar and pick up plastic drip pans to set your plants in. They should catch the small amount of drainage when you water.:)
  3. or you could buy one of thows foil party serving trays... the big sqare ones. mite look funny thow
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    Just put your plant pot in to a bucket that's just about the same size many a little bit bigger that way the water falls into the bucket and not on the floor simples
  5. Thanks guys. Great ideas :) appreciate a lot.

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