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  1. so yeah, i tried growing outdoors this year and it failed. got some plants to reach about 4-5 inches and they just died out, didnt know how to save them.

    so now im trying an indoor grow. i germinated my seeds a few nights ago and now their all sprouting roots and shit. i need to plant them, so do i plant them all seperatly? (i have about 15) or can i let them start growing in the same pot?(haha pot) :p

    thanks for all who help me start my dream of smoking marijuana that i truely grew!!
  2. put them in individual cups, that way the roots won't tangle, and fight for the same nuts/water.

  3. ok, so would little paper/styrafoam cups work for now? then when they get big i put them in pots? and also, about how long does it take till u can tell if a plant is male/female and whats the best way to distinguish this?
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  5. thanks alot for your help man really i do appreciate it. i was just about to get to that tho.. lighting.. what lighting aragments should i put them on just starting? 12/12??..
  6. Start off with 18/6 or 24/0 for about 6-8 weeks. Then, switch to 12/12 to induce flowering.

    Good luck.

  7. again, ty so much man. it is my dream to succesfully grow my own true plant that i can smoke to myself. best vibes to u man.
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    Ideally, you'll want to transplant from the cups at no more than 21 days.

    ^^^This is incorrect.^^^

    I've never had a problem using clear pots for soil grows, and my flood tables have roots exposed to HID's all the time. No problems.​

    Less than ideal growing environments cause algae and other problems that affect the roots.​

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