Noob question about flushing.

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  1. Ok, I understand the concept of flushing, I have read plenty about it.

    My Noob question is, can you "flush" a plant thats in the ground and not in a pot? And if so, is it the same process as a potted plant?

    After reading like crazy, I wanna say no, but since im a Noob, I gotta ask. Too me, it seems like I would just be over-watering it and doing more damage.

    Thanks everyone for not flaming me. LOL.
  2. I'm curious about this as well
  3. I should think that so long as the water is able to drain from the area around and under the plant that it is indeed leeching/flushing the soil or at least removing those nutirents from their current location to somwhere further downstream.
  4. Ok, good. I followed mjmoma's suggestion and used rocks at the bottom of my holes when I transplanted them. And not just a small bed, but about 3-5 inches thick. Just for draining.

    4 of 6 plants have rocks at the bottom, and I do admit that when I water the plants with no rocks, the water tends to sit at top a while before it drinks it all up. The one with the rocks, well I can give em water and it drinks it up quickly, I can literately see the water get absorbed by the ground.

    Cool. I now know I can flush them when needed!
  5. well ive flushed my two plants,there not droopy, its really hot in california,so if its really hot where you live then dont hazitate to water your plantthey will be fine,my pot has holes under it,so if your using pots,then makes holes under them,so you could clean it
  6. Im in the Merced area. HOT HOT HOT. I just checked the forecast, it wont dip into the 80's till Aug 20th. All this month its been in the 90's outside (105+ in the greenhouse).

    My girls are in the ground, not pots. That's why I asked about flushing when in the ground.

    Next grow I will just use 20 gal pots. I admit its easier to take care of when they in pots. I had to put them in the ground cuz I was broke and was worried about the roots not having enough space. I used 3 gal pots. What a mistake.

    as long as you water with just regular water for about 10-14 days a plant in the ground should be good and flushed... (id go more the 14 day side tho) i did it last year
  8. I told you it was a noob question!

    At least im not posting pics of plants with huge bull balls asking if its a male or asking if a plant I grew was actual cannabis. LOL, I have read some doozies here.

    Im a noob and I know I will make classic noob mistakes. I used to be a corporate trainer, so I know all about learning curves and such.

    But all joking aside, the way you explained it makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot!
  9. Nothing like the smell of cow shit on a 100 degree day, gotta love merced county, not.
  10. Yes you can flush in ground plants if you've been using ferts when you water. If you have a soil that has all the nutes mixed in (like a good water only soil recipe or crappy time released nutes), then flushing won't really work. The only difference between in-ground and potted plants is that in-ground plants can take a little longer to flush.

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