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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ScallyWag., Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I recently transplanted my plants into FFOF soil. I was phing my water around 6.5 and getting about the same run off.. That was maybe a week ago.. Now my run off is a bit above 5. So i kicked the water up to about 7. And still am getting around 5 ph run off. I am using no nutes becouse it says on the FFOF bag that there is enough nutes to last up to a month.. What should i do bring the PH up?
  2. Top dress with some dolomite lime. 1 tbsp per gallon should be enough. It takes around 2 weeks to kick in properly. Next time, amend your soil with lime before hand. It acts as a buffer and won't let the pH raise above 7.

  3. So that brings the ph up? but not more than 7? interesting
  4. Yep, pretty much. It's pretty cheap. Make sure you grab the powdered stuff, not the pellets. Good luck :)
  5. thanks for the help man
  6. does anyone know why my ph water wont bring it up tho?
  7. Trying to raise the pH with just plain water is pretty hard. You have to flush it heaps to see any difference from my experience. It'll just keep floating back down unless you add something to stabilize it.

  8. Sweet. I learned somthing new.. If i use the fox farm trio will that raise my ph? Im planning on using the trio for nutes and adding the lime stuff aswell. I dont have the nutes at the moment so i cant do a ph test on it
  9. Google bro.

    I've seen a few people using Shultz, seems okay. And I'm pretty sure Fox Farm will lower your pH. Always check the pH of your water after you add the nutes. Can't give you solid advice on those as I'm using canna coco, maybe someone else will chime in.

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