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  1. I am growing a Romulan strain i used about 7-9 HEALTHY seeds.
    This is exactly what i did:
    1. Dug about a 1ft hole and filled with half garden soil and miracle gro w/ fish fertilizer and half soft dirt that was around the area, i mixed Miracle Gro quick starter solution and water then let the soil sit together and eventually poured it in and mixed with the dirt around the spot.
    2. I Let it sit for a day or so, so the soil looked healthy and ready to be planted, so that day i dug about a 8 inch hole into my soil, and put all the seeds together in a small hole.
    3. Slowly covered up the seeds with the soil nice and softly.
    4. grabbed a garden hoe and began to mix the entire hole- and it substances together, hand picked out the rocks, its on the side of my house where heat is never a problem, and next to a Building and a fence w/ Olianders(bush/shrubs) but i noticed that the shrub was affecting the sunlight my spot was getting, so i cut down the shrub just for enough light to shine through.


    Is there something i should have or should not have done? please help me as i am a FIRST-time grower. Again:
    Romulan strain with female seeds.
  2. Everything sound ok, but.. you should not of added miracle grow already. Seedlings do not eat for 2 or 3 weeks. Feeding them will burn them with nutrients and kill him.

    To make sure your seeds will sprout, wrap them in a paper towel and keep it in a warm spot for a couple of days.

    Make sure to plant them at least a foot apart, farther if you can. It is always better to use pots because you can move them and such.
  3. I have buckets i can use, But would that mean i have to RE-locate the seeds? Thats going to be a b***h, but i can try my best. Should i put multiple seeds in one area, or just one seed per bucket?
  4. One seed per bucket should be fine that way you never have to kill a potential female if both seeds sprout. And since there already planted just let them sprout. Then transplant

  5. I suggest grabbing a 6 pack and sitting back and reading everything here Absolute Beginners - Forums

    That's what I did last week.. I am no expert :D
  6. Did I read that wrong? Did you plant the seeds 8" down?

  7. And I really missed that. No seeds for any plants all go together into a small hole :smoke:

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