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Noob Grinder Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ziggy513, May 11, 2010.

  1. So I have a 4 piece metal SharpStone grinder that's FILTHY. Mostly the screen though. It's so packed that the crystals won't even fall through. How do I clean this? I currently don't have any rubbing alcohol. I have seasalt. Would nail polish remover work? I just need the screen cleaned mostly
  2. Knock the peice with a bic a few times that works for me plus you don't want to waste your kief.
  3. The screen is totally clogged and no kief is falling through
  4. try going over the screen with a toothbrush or something? That should clear it out or knock stuff through.
  5. Seriously? Just go buy some rubbing alcohol. It's super cheap, you can find it just about anywhere, and it works the best for grinders and pieces. Just put some in a bag, add some salt, and let your grinder soak. Otherwise just soak it in hot water and find a small brush/pipe cleaner to wipe it clean.
  6. put it in a bag with sum rubbing alchol then let it soak and shake it..then pour out the liquid on a plate and let it dry,scrape and u have hash.
  7. Put it in the freezer, then bang it after removing it to knock it all loose.
  8. Just bang your grinder down on a hard flat surface a few times. If that doesn't help, get a fine CLEAN dry brush and clean the screen then bang it down again to knock it through.
  9. just leave it, and when you can get some iso, just give it a wash.
  10. Use something to scrape against the screen to try and knock it down into the catch. I've seen people use guitar picks or bobby pins. You would want to try to keep that kief if at all possible. If you can't get the screen unclogged by gently scraping it with something, then soak it in some iso alcohol and it'll be fine. :smoking:
  11. try an air hose maybe? if you dont care about the keif

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