Noob@day5:seedling Lean+Node Leaves Vertical+Yellowin *please Help*

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    i have declared a *state of emergency* :eek: in GrowCloset. The seedling has leaned severely over night, and the node leaves have pointed straight up and begun to turn yellowish.  I believe improper (non-existent) ventilation or over-watering was the culprit. :confused:   Up until today (6/13/13) I was running 2x 42w 'red' and 2x 32w 'blue' cfls about 4" from the seedling with no fan what so ever.  I've been watering almost everyday also with small amounts but as I've read that isn't exactly a good thing, I will include the watering chart. My medium is a 2'' perlite base with layered (not mixed) coco coir/perlite on top, 85% coco coir 15% perlite. photos show daily progression, taken every morning *apologizes for bad quality* :smoke:

    My temps/humidity were as follows from start date (6/8/13): 6/8/13 - 78F/45RH @11PM , 6/9/13 - 82F/45RH @9AM , 6/10/13 - 84F/41RH @10AM , 6/11/13 - 84F/41RH @10AM , 6/12/13 - 84F/40RH @8:30AM , 6/13/13 - 86F/39RH @10AM

    Watering(tap water pH'd to around 6.0): 6/10/13 - 250ml @10AM , 6/11/13 - 50ml @ 9AM and 50ml @4PM ,
    6/12/13 - 200ml @8:30AM and 100ml @10PM
    watering notes also state that the amount of evaporation was possibly increasing slightly showing up in the level of surface dryness ranging from just perimeter on 6/10 to patches on entire surface 6/11 to entire surface 6/12
    As much as I've read of earlier posts and others growing journals i can't find data that comes from matching variables. I've come close which is where I got my hypothesis's from, but could use some one on one with the GC community....please check out my journal also to get more background info on the setup and anything I may have forgot feel free to ask. thank you guys/gals for any help your willing to share with this noobster :wave:


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  2. We are doing our first grow in coco as well and had a few of the same issues. We managed to fix things without much of a loss. First off we agree that ventilation and over watering are probably an issue but the temp is also a bit high. We had issues with our seedlings as soon as the temps got above 78. Try getting a fan in there asap. It will help to ventilate and dry things out a bit. Is there a light directly above each plant? If not the seedlings might be growing sideways in search of light. Also if you can try to use RO water rather than tap water. Good luck!
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    thank for the feed back, bought a fan earlier today, temps stabilizing around 77-79F and 49-55RH.  I had 2x 32w 6500k  'blue' and 2x 42w 2800k 'red' on this one plant, i may have crisped it too. Maybe it was to close while i didn't have a fan :wacko:.  I took out the 2 42w bulbs for a while after putting the fan in and the temps dipped to low 70's and below, so i put 1 back in. So now on this one plant there are 2x 32w 6500k and 1x 42w 2800k at 6" from plant now.  I dont think this one is guna make it :cry:.  I'm guna pop some more seeds and go for round 2 unless she's standing at attention tomorrow morning,  thanks again sleepyone88
    *is RO the same as distilled?
  4. Ro is not the same as distilled. You're wanting to get bottled drinking water basically.

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