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  1. I've seen some art....some great some with potential...but yeah here's mine

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  2. 25 looks no comments ???? I must post more art it seems
  3. crazy as hell very original
  4. good stuff yo, really digging the first one.
    keep em coming imo
  5. That looks flippin' awesome! Loving the 3rd one the most.
  6. Wow, those are pretty awesome.
  7. Thnks Im preparing for my 1st solo arr show in september. So you all might want to keep posted here, cuz Im gonna post every painting/drawing on here.
  8. Some other artwork I just finished up

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  9. you're artwork is very good! but boobs and skulls??
  10. Yeah the boobs and skull thang is based a little on Louisiana history and folklore mostly dealing with Voodou. I love the Louisiana man!!!!!
  11. Thats great stuff man, keep it up.
  12. Awesome! Very talented!!! Thank you for sharing.
  13. I have more to put up l8tr this week. Thnks for looking:hello:
  14. The reason why I'm the premier artist on GC here some more. More to come.....Art Messiah he is....

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  15. Got more art to post tonight......,im 2 tired to post em GN GCC
  16. Your work looks pretty good. I like the somewhat-manic and messy lines you use, they can be very dynamic. One thing I'd suggest is that occasionally your palette becomes too muddled and unfocused.

    I would also say that I prefer your more non-objective pieces because once you start attempting to recreate life, your line works starts to look sloppy and accidental and the proportions of your figures aren't quite there yet.

    All in all, the work looks good, it just needs some tweaking and a little conceptual focus.

  17. Thanks for the criticism, yet I am aiming for primitive art. Yet the proportions you speak of are precise. My line work is fine wherits at...but thankyou anyway
  18. ... what? No, they're not. They're not too bad, but they aren't accurate either. Even though it's obvious how much you love your own work (as you should...), you can't be oblivious enough to claim that your proportions are accurate on that Saints player? eh?

    Yeah, the primitive stuff that you're trying is definitely the strongest.
  19. Yes the saint player is proportionate.....i checked the reference photo
  20. Art Messiah see my sermons when I bless the canvas

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