Non-profit Sensi Organic Solutions Brings Wall of Compassion to Local Grow Store

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  1. Rhode Island non-profit Sensi Organic Solutions seeks donations in compassion campaign for medical marijuana patients.

    Narragansett, RI – Mar. 1, 2012 – A recently formed non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income medical marijuana patients in Rhode Island has launched its first fundraising campaign. Sensi Organic Solutions has named their campaign “The Wall of Compassion,” a fundraiser seeking small donations from those who support patients needing medical marijuana. Supporters are asked to write words of compassion to their loved ones, or messages of encouragement to the medical marijuana community on a mural wall located inside a local grow store in North Kingston, RI.

    Founders Kyle Capalbo and Ricardo Mclean formed Sensi Organic Solutions as a Rhode Island non-profit in 2010 with the mission of providing free grow equipment to medical marijuana patients in the state who live on Social Security Income. S.O.S recognizes that medical marijuana patients within this group are particularly vulnerable to startup cost barriers associated with growing a medicinal garden, and so began their equipment assistance program.
    [​IMG] Hosted by Mother Nature Hydroponics grow store in North Kingston RI, the Wall of Compassion mural will be created by messages of support from anyone wishing to contribute to the S.O.S cause, and those wanting to express hope and encouragement for medical marijuana patients and the community at large.

    “We are simply asking for a donation as little as one dollar –or more, which gets your message of compassion showcased on the wall inside Mother Nature Hydroponics grow store,” says Ricardo Mclean, Sensi Organic Solution's Vice President. The donation jar and mural will remain at Mother Nature Hydroponics' North Kingston, Post Road grow store until the end of May.

    The fundraising event is designed to create awareness for the medical marijuana community in Rhode Island, and to raise the financial support Sensi Organic Solutions needs to assist those patients truly in need of free grow equipment.

    The promotional partnership between S.O.S and Mother Nature Hydroponics originated because members of the organization go to the grow store for supplies, and say that the staff at the store are very friendly and knowledgeable, with the patience and willingness to work with their customers through any growing process.
    About Sensi Organic Solutions

    Sensi Organic Solutions is a Rhode Island based non-profit formed from its goal and mission to provide free growing equipment to Rhode Island medical marijuana patients who receive SSI. By absorbing initial equipment costs for these fixed-income patients, Sensi Organic Solutions brings patients in need the kind of hope and deep relief associated with the successful gardening of this medicinal herb.

    S.O.S firmly believes that self-cultivation equals self-sufficiency, and incorporates a key operational motto: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. We will provide the pole and lure.

    Founders Kyle Capalbo and Ricardo Mclean operate on the principle of True Compassion, an organizational doctrine they created to fully express the passion and dedication Sensi Organic Solutions brings to providing those in need with a dignified, controlled and safe means for procuring their medical marijuana.

    To learn more about their efforts, and to find out how you can help, visit, or send your direct inquiry to the media contact listed on this press release.


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