*Non-Lightbulb* Homemade vaporizer tutorial

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by The Green Toker, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. No it doesn't matter how thick the glass is, also make sure the tube is high up, because when I made this a while back, I inhaled all my weed one time :( it sucked :D
  2. Dude that is so awesome. I've been looking for a way to make a pocket vape that won't break easily. One question. Do you have to be 18 to by the genseng and where can you get it besides a gas station?
  3. I have a box of gensing viles in my house but instead of clear glass they are brown glass. Is it safe to use?
  4. I know this is an old thread, but I'll be trying this tonight. I'll certainly post my results. ;)
  5. sweet idea man, gonna have to try this. and +++rep for the lil wyte. by far my favorite rapper and I didnt think many people bumped him. blame it on the bay son :smoke:
  6. Eh, figure I'll post here instead of making a whole new thread. Anywho, semi-relavent question:
    I have made a bulb vape, and I've gotten the vapor out of it, but I don't really ever feel any effects from it. Is it like when you first smoke you tend to not get high, but the second time you're good? I've used mine a couple times and never really feel anything (thus I feel like I'm wasting the goods) :/
  7. it worked. i made mine slightly different. i used a basic straw due to the fact that i started using the tube inside of a mechanical pencil and found out that the interior part of the tube was covered in 'lead-dust'. i found this by by clipping the tube in half and checking it first. (i initially cut part of the tube off to make it a bit shorter, so i used the potentially discarded end to test for lead). i used a three year old pencil so that could have very well been it - lol i also use no glue at all. but it certainly did work.

    you're probably not letting it get hot enough. THC boils at 315 F. so not only does it have to get that hot, you also have to make sure it stays there long enough to actually vaporize. i'm also assuming you made it just right.. when the carb(if you have one)is covered up, you really have to have a complete vacuum (no leaks at all).
  8. Hmm maybe thats it then. I do see wisps of something, but I kinda leave the carb and mouth piece unblocked. Ill have to try heating it up with the caps I made still on the holes >.>
  9. Wow... I need to do this!!! :smoke:
  10. I cant find these viles at my store. Anyone know where I can find these online/or on ebay thats big enough with a plastic lid like the one OP has?
  11. just get some thin glass spice container and drill a hole in the lid for a straw and another hole for a carb:smoke:
  12. Hehe. Meth pipe FTW :smoke:
  13. were you talkin about my vape? because i completely agree. if you have money, invest in a vape not made at your house, but this works for the time being.

  14. True true. Good idea though. A lot less ghetto than a light bulb :smoke:
  15. haha way less ghetto then a lightbulb, anybody else got anyideas

  16. EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you! :hello:
  17. Yea no prob, lol I forgot about this thread.. i made this years ago.
  18. fuck that ill just smoke then look like a crack head and get half as high i want a vape bro vaporizer
  19. Bump for the world to know
  20. This is an awesome idea, I definitely have to try it. I've never used a vaporizer before and they're too expensive.

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