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    Ok, so I have figured out a new way to make a homemade vaporizer, that is easy for travel and fits in your pocket.


    • 1 Ginseng extract vial (Can be bought at some gas stations, and GNC)
    • 1 Small hallow tube (A straw will work, but I got mine out of a paper-mate mechanical pencil)
    • Hot glue gun/ tape/ or superglue
    • A sharp object (A knife works perfectly)

    Take a look at the supply pictures:


    First, clean out the vial and the top.


    Next, make a hole in the top of the cap big enough for your tube to fit through it.


    Then, cut a small slit towards the top of the cap for air flow.


    Finally, put the tube through the top of the cap and hot glue/ tape/ glue it in place. Make sure it goes about in the middle of the vial, or a little lower, but not too low because we don't want to melt the plastic or suck in your herb of choice.


    There may have to be some changes in the design due to not everybody will have the same type of vial as me, but this gives you a good place to start from.




    To make it vaporize is pretty self explanatory, but I know some newbie to vaporizers is gonna ask how, soo....

    1. Put your herb/ keif/ hash/ resin through the top and make sure it goes to the bottom.
    2. Put the cap on.
    3. Take out a lighter or light a candle, and hold the flame under the vial towards the end about 3-4 centimeters for a couple of seconds.

    Happy toking and enjoy your about 95%THC and healthier way to smoke. :wave:

    BTW, the reason it took so long to heat up is because i was smoking resin.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An4FTu3qveo"]YouTube - Homemade Vaporizer hit[/ame]

  2. Cool, good to see someone thinking outside the 'bulb, heh. I really don't think you need a tube the long though. When it's that long I think you'll be missing some vaped THC lingering way above the straw. A simple fix though, so it's all good
  3. Haha, thinking outside the bulb. Thanks for the positive feedback : )
  4. nice idea dude. does it work well? how long does it take of lighting for it to start to vapor?
  5. dope idea man, i mite give it a try some time
  6. nice invention, i dont have a vape so i might have to make a homemade one when i get some more keif from my grinder :smoking:
  7. Yes it works well, and it takes about 5-6 seconds for vapor.
  8. I made this exact thing before. It worked way better than the lightbulb and was far less fragile. I put another straw as a sort of carb in there though, if you know what i mean.
  9. im definatly going to make one, good thread
  10. this looks pretty sick, i deffinatly want to try this sometime
  11. Just make sure you put the tube high up, because I was just smoking out of it, and once it got brownish black, the stuff started to come through the tube.
  12. metal screen filter ftw
  13. Nice idea, definetly making myself one of these.
  14. this just gave me an idea haha +rep
  15. very cool idea. i will keep this in mind the next time im at GNC :]
  16. Yea, a metal screen filter would work well.
  17. hm, would an oven work =] i think so :D
  18. Thanks for the idea. I just made one out of an old cologne bottle...was a bitch to get the metal cap off though! I wanna try it out but I'm dry, lol. I guess I'll have to find something else to amuse me..:rolleyes:
  19. OH GOD haha this reminded me of bumfights.

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