*Non-Lightbulb* Homemade vaporizer tutorial

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by The Green Toker, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. so this leaves no smell at all?
  2. Well it leaves a faint smell. If you are worried about smell, just blow through a sploof.
  3. dude great idea...lightbulbs are way to fragile..and never noticed til i cracked like 3 tryin to make a vap
  4. and you have never had a problem with the glass getting way over-heated/exploding?

    just wondering. (want a vape but no cash for a decent one. and everytime I try to make a bulb vape I crack it :()
  5. kinda looks like a crack pipe or someshit... i guess it gets you high tho, but it would be easier to explain my way outof a bong than this thing.... cool shit tho:D
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    Well I must say I am definitely impressed. That stupid light bulb vaporizer design is every where and I don't even consider it a vaporizer, it's more like a crack pipe.

    I built my own convection vaporizer with a heat gun and some other parts. It works amazing and has designated my house the community vaporizer spot among all of my friends because of how awesome my vaporizer is.

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  8. I have never smoked before. And i wanna try this. Will i get super high? Cause you said 95% THC. If i take a small hit will i be ok? :confused:
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    if i wasnt so lazy, id probably try that!! lol
  10. crack pipes FTW!
  11. sorry to bring this thread back, but has anyone else used this? im thinking of making it, but i need to know how much it smells. someone earlier said it left a "faint smell," can anyone else tell me how much it smells and how easy it is to get rid of? would blowing through a sploof and then spraying a little axe remove the smell?
  12. I prefer my meth pipes without plastic and glue, but that's just me... :rolleyes:
  13. awesome idea, i look forward to trying one of these out.
  14. For more consistent heat with less of a risk of burning the material, consider placing the glass over/on a stove top.
  15. I'd just be worried about the plastic pieces and the glue. I wouldn't want to inhale any of that.

  16. I'd recommend to everyone to use a silicone tube as it has a pretty high melting point, unlike most plastics. Also maybe try using a cork instead of plastic top? Just some ideas to make it less toxic

  17. Depends on if you do it right... If you hold the flame on too long and burn your weed it'll smell a lot. But if you make sure you only vaporize it, the smell will be the equivalent i'd say to an open bag of weed in the room.

  18. Have you ever gotten high? Either way, you dont need to worry so much. Weed is a really mild high, and just because its 95% THC doesnt mean its going to be like super crack weed and make you trip out. 95% THC doesnt really mean theres that much more THC than with smoking, its pretty much the same amount, its just that theres no smoke to go along with it. just get high when you know for a fact you wont have to see anybody or make contact with anybody for the rest of the night, and you'll have a nice time. :wave:
  19. Sorry for bumping this old thread, I just didn't think my question deserved it's own thread. But- Does it matter how thick or thin the glass is? I found this glass bottle but i don't want it exploding in my hands.
  20. hahaha. reminds me of how someone smokes meth.

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