noisless hydro???

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    i want to dip my toe into the world of hydro. I was thinking dwc buckets.

    problem im thinking is i sleep next to it. i cant have humming noise or even worse water moving / dripping.

    are these real problems? anyone sleep next to theirs?

    anyone use auto pots? i found these as top choice for hydro but to me it just seems like an auto watering system??
  2. Hempy buckets are totally silent - no pumps and no moving parts.
  3. You'll get used to it and then come to find those noises help put you to sleep.
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  4. Get an air filter, humidifier, or some other humming device to drown out the gurgling sounds.
    I can't sleep well without the hum of a fan.
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  5. haha, im affraid both of your responces are only confirming that this isnt realy a viable option fo me lol
  6. Check out Mick's suggestion.
    Hempy buckets are considered to be hydro-like by most people.
  7. because of my living arrangements right now. I sleep in a room with 2 tents. 4 fans. 4 air pumps, lights, everything.

    the only thing that bothers me is the light that escapes from the vent holes in the bottom of the tent when the lights flip on at 5am, but I need to get up at 5am that works out perfect haha.

    the sound doesn't bother me at all.
  8. I dont think there is such a thing - even the timed ones make noise when running ....
    I made my own cloners (5 gal buckets) and want to build a single for plants to mess with
  9. The ventilation makes the noise …..
    Once the plants start getting any size the fans go on.
    Only time you hear the water pumps is when the reservoir is out of water .
  10. Hemp bucket is a great option. You could do coco/perlite mix with drain to waste and even setup some blumats for auto watering.

    But like a few others have pointed out your going to need some odor control at some point and their is nothing you can do to completely eliminate the air noise without some extreme and probably expensive solutions
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  11. Hang your air pumps from a rope. The pumps will still make noise but if theres a resonance from the floor or any other object it will shut that down. Water pumps shouldnt be an issue, unless they are "dry" meaning outside of a tub or res. Even then it wont be your loudest part of your system

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