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  1. one of the greatest things ive experienced was to get a high end pair of noise canceling headphones and smoke a good as bowl and chill for hours listening to music. completely eliminates yur surroundings. its an auditory orgasm !!!!!!
  2. Listened to Animal Collective at night that way on blast, high as hell in my bed. Nothing but good thoughts for a couple of hours (and albums). Lets you appreciate everything more.
  3. my sennheisers accomplish the same effect without being classified "noise canceling". i prefer them to any bose set of cans. only thing i dont like is that, structually, they're a lil week. if someone sat on them they'd most likely break. other than that, i love them to death.
  4. ^^ for sure Noise isolating is the way to go. I LOVE my ultimate Ears Fi 3s... the first time i stuck them in my ears, my jaw dropped
  5. The Ultimate Ears aren't so much noise canceling as their are sound isolating. Noise canceling is an active circuit that ruins the fidelity of the sound IMO. I have some JVC HA-RX900s that are great, especially for the price. Almost the exact sound signature of the AudioTechnica A700s. I used to be a major headphone geek and even frequented Head-Fi for a little while.
  6. im using the dr. dre beats by monster there a great set of headphones, plus i use a great equilizer program for itunes to make it sound great!!!!!! dont hear a damn thing!
  7. Shure e2c's are what I'm using. They pull some of the best reviews out there for headphones of their time. Nothing beats rolling your balls off with sound isolating headphones!

  8. Amen to that. I rock a pair of sennheiser 280-HDs whenever I'm not in the studio (in front of a pair of GORGEOUS $17,000 Genelecs....).

    I do use standard Ipod earbuds whenever I'm walking around though. Gotta know what the other half is hearing :rolleyes:
  9. Nice headphones are worth it. I could never go back to ipod earbuds. Btw do you ever feel the music through your whole body when your high. Sometimes it will feel like the floor is shaking then i take my headphones off and realize its just the bass.
  10. go with the bose earbuds. srsly
  11. yeah man, nothing beats some isolated sound quality, I use these, bang and olufsens

  12. Damn I've never used any but I'd love to try some out! Any suggestions on some with a REASONABLE price?

  13. look into some Sennheisers, great quality. i spent 200 on mine which may be a lil buch but is so fuckin worth it.
  14. What do you consider reasonable?

    I picked up my UE s for like $65 off ebay or some random internet store (they are normally around $100). But honestly i wouldnt bother with anything less than my Ultimate ears FI.3 or the shure e2c. The lower lines of UE arent that great, they have typical range just better sq than the ordinary earbuds, but when you start getting into the nicer pairs they give the music such a wonderful soundstage and they dig DEEP in the bass. Theres no doubt my earbuds hit notes my 12 inch w6 cant reach and with way more precision.
  15. I have always wanted some good head phones, but when I'm stoned and can't hear whats going on in my surroundings I get all paranoid over nothing lol. Id constantly be like, is that the phone? Is there a crackhead at my window?

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